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epic.lite South 11 Attendance

25 people have signed up to this event, 25 have paid.


Nickname Clan Seat Lift? Paid?
_Jay_ Entropy D4 No Yes
andman 404 B2 No Yes
Ashman 404 A2 No Yes
Beej epic. B5 No Yes
Damocles Entropy D5 No Yes
domuk 404 B1 No Yes
DrNurgle - C6 No Yes
DrPen0r 404 B4 No Yes
GotenXiao Entropy D2 No Yes
Haden epic. B6 No Yes
JamesNukem - C5 No Yes
leymoo CantFitMyN C1 No Yes
Mattscoo epic. A5 No Yes
Mohero Entropy D1 No Yes
Octo 404 A1 No Yes
RainbowNeko Entropy D6 No Yes
Riot Entropy D3 No Yes
rolphus CantFitMyN C2 No Yes
Soull 404 A3 No Yes
Talyn - A4 No Yes
The_Joy 404 B3 No Yes
Winbar epic. A6 No Yes
Yeggstry CantFitMyN C4 No Yes
Yeggstry Voucher CantFitMyN C3 No Yes


Nickname Clan Seat Lift? Paid?
Mintopia Entropy - No Yes