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epic25 Attendance

458 people have signed up to this event, 454 have paid.


Nickname Clan Seat Lift? Paid?
RainbowNeko OMGN LS-A6 Yes Yes
TrickSs Voucher - FI-G8 No Yes
drag XCS FI-C7 No Yes
xtR PS FI-B12 No Yes
Uvoran SmK FI-D14 No Yes
Grimzzy TSI PL-C1 No Yes
Ripspawn -UM- LK-H9 No Yes
birch Voucher Pina Colada LK-B2 No Yes
domuk 404 PL-J1 No Yes
GotenXiao Entropy LS-C3 No Yes
Riot Entropy LS-C1 No Yes
Riot Voucher Entropy LS-C2 No Yes
Riot Voucher Entropy LS-C4 No Yes
Riot Voucher Entropy LS-B2 No Yes
Riot Voucher Entropy LS-B4 No Yes
Riot Voucher Entropy LS-A2 No Yes
Riot Voucher Entropy LS-A4 No Yes
ScYph - FI-F9 No Yes
Yeggstry CantFitMyN LS-A1 No Yes
kpiz Dragon - No Yes
journey - FI-E9 No Yes
ChronoWolf -UM- LK-H10 No Yes
Mad_rhombus -UM- LK-H8 No Yes
The129 Enigmatic FI-A8 No Yes
Twixxie Teamtrixx FI-A3 No Yes
JReapz 404 PL-H3 No Yes
Munkey SVG FI-M1 No Yes
Spare SVG FI-M4 No Yes
Chozpoz MOLE LK-G4 No Yes
Hivemods TEAMTRIXX FI-A1 No Yes
Inqqi ImmortalisVis FI-M19 No Yes
Inqqi Voucher ImmortalisVis FI-M20 No Yes
Mctown MOLE LK-F2 No Yes
Willyp Mole LK-E2 No Yes
DyyLN Team Ghost FI-F6 No Yes
Rebel LanOps PL-D1 No Yes
Rebel Voucher LanOps PL-D2 No Yes
Angelus - LS-C5 No Yes
Blacksythe - LK-A8 No Yes
Coach Blackout Gaming FI-A20 No Yes
Crysen No Tolera FI-F16 No Yes
Doddy91 No Tolera FI-F14 No Yes
Dukeofpain - FI-C16 No Yes
Dukeofpain Voucher - FI-C17 No Yes
Fisherman_68 De_Boyz LK-E8 No Yes
Gibbon No Tolera FI-F13 No Yes
joony irccabal PL-C6 No Yes
longknob69 HPB FI-H12 No Yes
teddsteR - FI-L2 No Yes
TheMrFox ComicSans LK-D8 No Yes
BoroBoy SMK FI-D11 No Yes
DvMSnake Jimmy's Juniors FI-A11 No Yes
Knuckey TQA PL-K1 No Yes
kstm - FI-B13 No Yes
Redking TQA PL-K2 No Yes
infex Chetz FI-A19 No Yes
ixeonz ATK FI-B8 No Yes
MakS Yeet FI-A14 No Yes
neggies Old / ReTired FI-D20 No Yes
neggies Voucher Old / ReTired FI-D15 No Yes
Woody94 ATK FI-B9 No Yes
JOOLi Karibo FI-J12 No Yes
AcE_x_Fusi0nz Deorum CS - No Yes
Bennyv88 HPB FI-H15 No Yes
Finui Madeeka FI-D2 No Yes
KindredPhantom OMGN LK-C5 No Yes
M0nk - FI-F12 No Yes
Matt_2k34 OMGN LK-B5 No Yes
Nox-_- Lemonade LK-J1 No Yes
QUE1986 HPB FI-H13 No Yes
RecklessNAY Madeeka FI-D1 No Yes
Saulgood88 HPB FI-H14 No Yes
senoJ - FI-M17 No Yes
Voltacus FoFoG PL-E5 No Yes
Walter0_0 Voucher FlexOnDem FI-G14 No Yes
Walter0_0 Voucher FlexOnDem FI-G15 No Yes
Dxrb XCS FI-C9 No Yes
MT Buzzkill FI-H7 No Yes
sjn None FI-H4 No Yes
Kaneth [tEh|LaDz] FI-L19 No Yes
Jacobthebear Old / ReTired FI-D17 No Yes
swaggyavii Fierce FI-L12 No Yes
Wok FoFoG PL-B1 No Yes
ClarkEE SmK FI-E15 No Yes
breezeee Nether FI-E1 No Yes
Chilli OMGN LK-B6 No Yes
Ducky - FI-H16 No Yes
Emenjay16 Blackout Gaming FI-A16 No Yes
hodg OMGN LK-B7 No Yes
imoneofthem PINA LK-A2 No Yes
Inferno OMGN LK-B3 No Yes
jnokesy OMGN LK-C9 No Yes
Meep - - No Yes
Pauk Lemonade LK-J2 No Yes
PulseD 404 PL-J7 No Yes
RobCrezz SmK FI-E12 No Yes
Rolfie Karibo FI-J11 No Yes