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epic28 :: Attendance

epic28 Attendance

661 people have signed up to this event, 661 have paid.


Nickname Clan Seat Lift? Paid?
_Jay_ Entropy AR-BB5 No Yes
-_-mad ChromeGG AR-U28 No Yes
-Hawk - AR-Z13 No Yes
-impact - AR-W20 No Yes
-Zeuz- ELMNT5 AR-AA27 No Yes
0day Lamnia AR-Z10 No Yes
12enegade #5* AR-BB11 No Yes
AbigailKinslow Tiger Mafia AR-F8 No Yes
absolutehype KotTB AR-E8 No Yes
AcE_x_Fusi0nz - AR-AA10 No Yes
Aer CantfitmyN AR-AA3 No Yes
Alfie Fierce AR-Q27 No Yes
Anarkistic Entropy AR-BB8 No Yes
andman 404 AR-BB20 No Yes
andywhy uwotm9 LK-A5 No Yes
anthonyxyzzz moyesboys AR-X15 No Yes
Aphiiz {BA} AR-C1 No Yes
Arc FoFoG AR-G6 No Yes
ardiis Fierce AR-S14 No Yes
ashhh VEXED AR-AA12 No Yes
Ashiaa FoFog AR-G8 No Yes
Ashman 404 AR-BB27 No Yes
AsTeR TLR AR-H10 No Yes
Astrolox Entropy AR-BB3 No Yes
Astrolox Voucher Entropy AR-BB4 No Yes
Astroo WheezingPuppers AR-S13 No Yes
Astroz - AR-P25 No Yes
Atreaus [CORSAIR] AR-R16 No Yes
AvidPenguin UNIT LK-C2 No Yes
Azrael_Jiraco UNIT LK-B6 No Yes
BackByDemand ApacheLans AR-Z6 No Yes
Balean123 No Tolera LK-K2 No Yes
BananaMan Dank Squad AR-AA25 No Yes
Barney {BA} AR-C10 No Yes
BARTER bprice AR-Z19 No Yes
BaumesBaum TheDOH AR-F6 No Yes
Beam #5* AR-BB16 No Yes
Bennyv88 HPB AR-S20 No Yes
benzk1 BPrice AR-U18 No Yes
bexomondo TEAMTRIXX LK-C6 No Yes
Big_N - AR-Y11 No Yes
BillieTrixx TEAMTRIXX LK-J4 No Yes
Bituinka TeamTrixx LK-J5 No Yes
BK_Studhouse Fierce Esports AR-S11 No Yes
BlackoutGB - AR-Q13 No Yes
Blacksythe Uwotm9 LK-A6 No Yes
Blodprins - AR-Q11 No Yes
bluewhing3r GLaS-Gaming AR-V16 No Yes
Boogie Exillium AR-Q22 No Yes
BreaK Suspicious AR-X28 No Yes
Brookie9001 TEAMTRIXX LK-H10 No Yes
Bud dwg AR-Y4 No Yes
Buzzclickz UNIT LK-B7 No Yes
c1ties Socially AR-Z18 No Yes
cafcnige83 CR0 AR-D1 No Yes
CakeBummm Ae AR-P21 No Yes
callum2004 moyesboys AR-X12 No Yes
camerongreen - AR-U14 No Yes
cammy TEAMTRIXX LK-J9 No Yes
Capitan DWG AR-Y6 No Yes
Carni #5* AR-BB14 No Yes
Cart3rsz LastPlace AR-Y21 No Yes
cas_massive MOLE LK-H5 No Yes
Caster Unit LK-B2 No Yes
Cazalin SKUNKED- AR-Z20 No Yes
Cez Lucendi AR-N28 No Yes
Ch3twynd CTOP LK-F7 No Yes
Charlie interp! AR-X19 No Yes
CHEEKYlad - AR-Y3 No Yes
Chef-BK CR AR-P28 No Yes
Cheffrey watermonopoly AR-U25 No Yes
Chelch FoFoG AR-G1 No Yes
chevheys HPB AR-S21 No Yes
Chey33 DwG AR-Y7 No Yes
Chronic_Panda {BA} AR-C9 No Yes
chronosMark KotTB AR-D8 No Yes
ChronoWolf -UM- LK-F2 No Yes
cJeCS BMC- AR-U13 No Yes
cjmilk GMY-UK AR-R21 No Yes
Cladorhiza ECV AR-H6 No Yes
ClarkEE SmK AR-B5 No Yes
cnxx Opulent AR-Z12 No Yes
cobalt6700 Entropy AR-AA6 No Yes
Colonel_Mitch ATK LK-E6 No Yes
Commander MOLE LK-H4 No Yes
cooky560 UNIT LK-B8 No Yes
Cools Unit LK-B1 No Yes
CorsairPas [CORSAIR] AR-R11 No Yes
cos1 Peak Esport AR-Q16 No Yes
Countess TheDoH AR-F7 No Yes
crag12312 UNIT LK-B5 No Yes
CrazyHorse019 KotTB AR-D10 No Yes
CriPPleMaNN CR0 AR-D3 No Yes
CrisiZ Dank Squad AR-AA18 No Yes
CrYths ifandonny AR-V14 No Yes
csgojake_ LastPlace AR-Y25 No Yes
CTSCommando PANDA AR-A5 No Yes