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News :: One Of Those COVID-19 Updates

One Of Those COVID-19 Updates

Hey Everyone, 

Time for a little update from us around COVID-19, not that there's a huge amount of practical info from us right now. 

From a LAN party point of view, we're getting a couple of questions, but epic30 isn't until July and, let's face it, nobody really knows what's going to be happening by then. We have lots of work to prepare our events over a long period so we have to make plans as though it is going to happen. Tickets remain on sale and we'll still be working on our activity plans as normal with the hope that we're through the worst of it by then and restricitions are starting to lift, but we don't know what decisions our Government will take tomorrow, let alone in July. 


Obviously if we do cancel then we'll notify everyone as soon as the decision is made along with ticket options for refunding, transferring etc, but until then it's bookings as usual. If we do have to cancel, we'd appreciate as many people as possible transferring their tickets to a future to help us survive and we'd look to make them available to transfer to any event over the coming 12 months. We've also had a few kind people offer for us to retain the ticket income to help us get through should that scenario arise, big thanks to those who've already sent in words of encouragement like that! 

Elsewhere, as you may know, our day-to-day business is probably 90%+ supporting other events and within the space of about 48h, all of our events-based business disappeared along with the rest of the events industry. This has naturally put a huge strain on us and I'm having some difficult conversations with banks and creditors, like any small business will be doing right now. There were two of us working full time on epic.LAN's external projects and we've both had to take the difficult decision to 'hibernate' the office and essentially lay ourselves off until things pick back up again. We do have a couple of online projects that will continue as normal to keep paying our other bills (e.g. office/warehouse rent). 

That does mean that we are seeking other work to pay our own personal bills for the coming months and that any enquiries/requests will take longer for us to reply to as that temporary work has to take priority, we're humans at the end of the day and we all have to push on with our lives as best as possible and pay our rent. 

In the mean time, the LAN community is looking at ways of keeping people socially active (online of course), you'll have seen a few recent Friday Beer & Games nights in Discord and we're going to be re-running some old pub quizzes over the coming weeks on Twitch & Discord (still with your usual live hosts of me and JoeShow). 

Gaming is going to be really important to people over the coming months as everyone stays indoors, so let's keep doing that as a community, we should be experts at this by now!  

Please do bear with us over the coming months though and support us however you can, we're doing our best to make sure there's still an epic.LAN to come back to when it's all over, because I've got a strong suspicion we're going to need a really good party when we all get through to the other side! 

Stay safe, wash your hands, and remember to switch your screen sharing off when you're browsing NSFW sites.