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19th - 22nd Feb 2015
Kettering Conference Centre

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epic.THIRTEEN - Thank You!

Thanks!Well that's epic.THIRTEEN all over with, the team is all back home and packed down and already looking at your feedback to see how we can make our next event even better.

Please keep sending in your thoughts, in the following ways:

Don't forget to check out all of our coverage as well, see if you can spot yourselves in any of our photos or YouTube videos. We'll have some tournament VODs available soon over the coming few days. 

Remember, epic.FOURTEEN may be next year, but tickets are already going fast. Save yourselves £10 if you book before 30th September!

Thank you all for coming to epic.THIRTEEN, see you next time!

LOL: Grand Final - LC vs INF

The Grand Final of the epic.THIRTEEN League of Legends Tournament is the Best of 5 Match is the Grand Final between London Conspiracy and Team Infused. Team Infused come into the series with a 1-0 advantage due to advancing through the Upper Bracket.

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epic.THIRTEEN Tournament Round Up.

epic.THIRTEEN has seen slightly smaller than usual, but no less competitive tournaments. We featured League of Legends, DotA 2, Starcraft 2, CS:GO and Hearthstone. We'd like to thank the sponsors for providing prizes for all the tournaments for this event and our thanks go out to Razer, AOC, ESL, Gamdias, GT Omega and Tesoro.



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LOL: Lower Bracket Final - Choke Gaming vs London Conspiracy

The final featured match up of the second day is the Best of 3 Match is the Lower Bracket Final Match between London Conspiracy and Choke Gaming, two teams who previously met in the Upper Quater Final.

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LOL: Infused vs Choke Gaming

The second featured match up of Day 2 is the Best of 3 Match in the Upper Bracket Quarter Final Featured Match is of Legit Train Riders vs Promethium B.

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