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February 22nd - 25th 2024
Kettering Leisure Village

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What is epic.LAN?

EPIC.LAN is an independent community UK LAN Party featuring a great range of casual games and amateur esports tournaments. We run LAN parties from 32 players up to 750 around the UK as well as working closely with other gaming industry organisations such as EGX and ESL UK through our B2B services.

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About EPIC41 With Intel

EPIC41 is a LAN based gaming event in the UK. It features a mixture of casual gaming, stage content and esports tournaments so whether you enjoy playing games for fun or want to be the next esports professional, there will be something for you.

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Kettering Leisure Village
22nd - 25th February 2024
4pm Thursday to 4pm Sunday
BYOC Ticket - £83.00

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EPIC41 With Intel Tournaments


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Up to £5000

Counter-Strike 2

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Up to £6000

Overwatch 2

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Up to £2000

Starcraft 2

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Up to £1500


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Up to £1000

Fun Tournaments

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Prizes TBC