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  • EPIC36 – Urgent Room Changes

    With date changes, room changes earlier in the month and just as we were packing everything up ready for the event, we get some more annoying news.

    In the last 24h we’ve been informed by Kettering Conference Centre that the air conditioning in the main Fair Isle hall for EPIC36 has failed, engineers have visited the site and unfortunately the parts required to get the units working again will not be available until August.

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    MSI has a history of working with EPIC.LAN going back to 2014 and now the partnership has been re-ignited with MSI joining as a sponsor to EPIC.LAN’s events for the next twelve months, starting with EPIC36 in July. 

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  • EPIC36 - Waiting List

    Fair Isle and Pendeen tickets for EPIC36 are now sold out, if there are gaps on the seating plan this is where people have not selected seats but the capacity for those rooms has been reached. 

    We will not be adding any extra rooms in to the event at this late stage as all logistics arrangements are in place and the room bookings have to be confirmed many weeks before the event. 

    The only way to get a ticket now is through our waiting list, if people choose to cancel their tickets. 

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  • EPIC36 - Room Shuffle

    With everything still being financially tight as we come out of 2 years of restrictions, and costs of everything going up for businesses as well as homes, it's really important that we make the best use of space at the event so that we can keep the events cost effective and going strong in the future. 

    So with that in mind, we've decided to condense a few rooms down where spaces are still available to bring everybody on to the same floor at the event and have everything a little closer together. 

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  • More EPIC.LAN for 2022

    For the first time in our history, we had over 12 months without any events, so 2022 is time to make up for that with three new events added to our calendar, moving a few experiments from 2021 in to the permanent lineup for EPIC.LAN this year. 

    We're pleased to introduce a continuation of our dedicated Tabletop events with two more weekenders showcase all things tabletop as well as a completely new event,  EPIC.LUX, which probably needs a better name, but we're rolling with it for now. 

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