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Terms & Conditions

By creating a booking for an epic.LAN event you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Whilst we do expect the event to be enjoyable, it is important to have a set of conditions in order to keep the activities at the event safe and legal while ensuring that everybody has a good time.

Network Conditions

The following conditions are in place to maintain network legality and performance for all participants. By connecting to the epic.LAN network you agree to the following:

The network will be monitored by the event technical team. The aim of the event is to provide local multiplayer gaming to all participants and the network has been designed with this in mind as well as the provision of basic internal and external communications with other participants. Any other use of the network may constitute a breach of these conditions specifically including, but not limited to: tranfer of any material that you do not have copyright to, materials to which you do not have permission to distribute, illegal materials, or items that may cause damage to other users' software or hardware.

Before connecting to the network you may be asked to demonstrate that your PC is virus free, if your PC is suspected to be infected at any point during the event it will be removed from the network until it is proven to be clean.

During the course of the event some file transfers may be necessary and therefore an FTP service has been provided which contains most of the files you are likely to require at the event. If there are files you wish to legitimately share, please upload these to the incoming directory on the ftp service.

You are provided with one network cable (unless an additional cable has been booked as an additional service). You are not permitted to bring any of your own networking devices such as switches, hubs, wireless access points etc. Please do not interfere with the epic.LAN network in any way, if you are experiencing difficulties with the network, contact the technical team who will assist you.

Note that the external internet connection is provided by third parties and there are elements that are outside of our control. It is designed for basic browsing and communications rather than low latency gaming and such activities are offered on a best endeavour basis only.

Power Conditions

You are not permitted to plug anything into the event power systems other than your PC (and related peripherals), Monitor, Mobile Phone/Camera Chargers or similar. Non-PC related items (e.g. microwaves, kettles, desk fans) are not permitted. Only one monitor per participant is permitted. Speaker systems are also not permitted.

Consoles are permitted, however we ask that you power down your PC before using the console.

Participant Behaviour

We ask that you do not behave in a manner that will spoil the event for any of the other participants. Do not cause intentional damage to any property either belonging to other participants, epic.LAN or the venue management.

Equipment Security

epic.LAN and the venue management are not responsible for the loss, damage or theft of property at any point during the event. Your equipment is your own responsibility, we advise that you take precautions such as not leaving small items of equipment around unsupervised, larger items should be secured to your desk and you are advised to procure your own insurance arrangements for your property while at the event.

Alcohol & Illegal Substances

All alcohol must be purchased from the venue bar as the premises are licensed, participants under the age of 18 are not permitted to consume alcohol on site. If event staff or bar staff believe that an individual has consumed excessive alcohol they not be permitted to continue consuming any additional alcohol, if the participant's behaviour may cause harm or upset to other participants as a result they may be temporarily or permanently ejected from the event.

Participants suspected to be under the influence of any illegal substances will be asked to leave the event immediately.

Smoking is not permitted inside the venue at any time.

Under 16s

Participants under the age of 16 are permitted to attend the event but must provide written parental consent on arrival to the event.

Voucher Payments/Group Bookings

A group booking system is provided in order to simplify the booking process for large groups, teams or clans. This system operates by the lead payer purchasing a voucher which can be transferred on to other members of that group once only. This system is not intended to allow tickets to be re-sold at a value greater than the original purchase price. If epic gaming Ltd receives evidence of tickets being re-sold for a higher price than originally paid, we reserve the right to cancel the tickets without refund.

Resulting Actions

Failure to adhere to all of the above terms & conditions will result in either a verbal warning or being asked to leave the event, without refund, depending on the severity of the breach of terms as determined by the event management.


If you are unable to attend the event, please notify us as soon as possible. If your notification is received over 28 days prior to the start of the event, your payment will be refunded subject to a £10 administration fee per ticket. Notifications received within 28 days of the event will not be refunded unless the event is full and your place can be sold to the next person on the waiting list, in which case the £10 administration fee will still apply. Refunds will typically take up to 10 working days to process providing all of the information required is supplied in order make the transaction.


Tickets to the event are non-transferrable unless booked as part of the voucher/group booking process, in which case these are allowed to be transferred from the original buyer to the new ticket holder once only.