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Last Updated - 19/01/21

While certain Government restrictions have now lifted, EPIC.LAN and Kettering Conference Centre still have a responsibility to manage the event safely and to minimise the risk of infection spread during its event. 

The following event policies are subject to change based on any changes in local and national Goverment guidance at the time of the event. 

COVID Passes

All participants will be required to show the NHS COVID Pass via the NHS App (or equivalent for non-England residents) prior to entering the event on check-in and again on the Saturday of the event, this is the most efficient way for us to manage 700 people coming in to the event without needing to check or hold personal data. The pass only tells us that you meet one of the following criteria, not the details behind it.  

Download the NHS App

Access to the pass will depend on the guidance set out by the Government at the time of the event. Currently the pass is active for any one of the following (as at 09/12/21):

  • You are double vaccinated (2 weeks after your 2nd jab),
  • You have a negative test result within the last 48h (which must be reported to the NHS)
  • You have recovered from COVID19 infection in the last 6 months (i.e. positive PCR test after your period of self-isolation)
  • You have registered a valid medical exemption with your GP

If this changes before the event, then we will also follow any new requirements, you should check this page regularly and follow any announcements across our social media channels or Discord

As the test requirement only covers the previous 48H, we will be requesting all participants and spectators show their COVID passes on check-in and again on the Saturday of the event, so those who are entering under the negative test requirement should make arrangements for a further test at this time. Note that free lateral flow tests are still available to UK residents. 

Test results must be reported back to the NHS to activate the COVID Pass, we will not accept the physical test result itself as proof. 

Under 18s & Non-England Residents
For those unable to use the Domestic Events section of the NHS app you must provide the equivalent proof of one of the above requirements. This should be in the form of an official letter/email/pass from the country you have travelled from. Note that vaccine appointment cards and physical lateral flow test results will not be accepted, they must be tests that have had their results registered with their country's health authority. 

Check In & Arrival Times

In order to check COVID passes and check everyone in safely there will be a modified check-in process for the event that will be communicated closer to the time. This will involve staggered arrival times to prevent too many people congregating in the check-in area at the start of the event. 

Please be patient with our check-in team while they work through these longer processes to get everyone in to the event safely. 

Spectator Tickets

We have limited the number of spectator tickets available to cap the number of people on site. While BYOC participants have a set amount of space and allows us to keep some amount of control over distancing, spectators are not limited to that same space, so we have a limit in place to protect everybody. 

Spectators are also subject to the same COVID Pass rules as above all spectators must have their tickets assigned to them before they arrive at the event. 

Social Distancing

There is no formal social distance rule but we would encourage everyone to be sensible and respectful with space, especially those you do not know who may want you to keep a distance from them. When in queues around the venue or at the bar, shop or catering please respect those around you and keep a safe distance back. 

Indoor Sleeping

Indoor sleeping options are not available at this time and are very unlikely to be offered for this event due to not being able offer the amount of space and ventilation required to operate these areas with minimal risk. Outdoor camping in tents remains available along with local hotel options. 


We understand that at the time of the event masks will no longer be compulsory in England, we would encourage people to wear masks when circulating around the event and dealing with our crew and venue teams where possible and we ask everyone to be respectful of others' decisions around mask wearing. 

Hand Sanitiser

There will be plenty of hand sanitiser stations around the venue, please use them frequently as well as thorough hand washing throughout the day. 

Physical Contact

Respect that not everybody will be ready to hand shake or hug. Minimise contact with those you do not know and stick with fist bumps. Make sure you only use your own equipment where possible, if you do have to use any other equipment or shared equipment, please sanitise your hands before and after use. 

Shop, Bar & Catering Payments

All EPIC.LAN and venue payments will be by card only. 

If you are unwell before the event

Don't come to the event, talk to us about transferring your ticket to another event or refunding, but please do not risk everyone else at the event. 


We may have to keep doors/windows open or air circulation/handling turned up high to meet government guidelines, this could result in the rooms being colder than normal, please make sure you have things like jumpers/hoodies to keep warm if needed.