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epic.SIX Fun Tournament - Blur

BlurThe first of our fun tournaments has been announced and it's going to be Blur!

If you haven't played Blur before, basically imagine a cross between something like Project Gotham Racing and Mario Kart, and you come out with this crazy, but oh so shiny, result.

Race your way through a thrilling series of maps with your VW Scirocco taking on an M3 while a Ford Focus drops a series of land mines in front of you.

Exact tournament format to be confirmed shortly, but in the mean time Blur is available on Steam for just £19.99 and it's worth every penny!

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Kustom Sponsors the epic.SIX Boat Race

BoatRaceWe have another sponsorship announcement for you, and this time, we're proud to say we've achieved the impossible by getting a Scotsman to buy the drinks!

So at epic.SIX, we can confirm that as well as attending with their famous LAN shop, Kustom will be sponsoring the boat race, literally by getting the drinks in for the participants. So all you'll need to do is take part in the boat race!

The boat race is the ultimate test of the gamer. Two teams face off, each armed with a pint of their chosen (alcoholic) beverage. When the race starts, the first two opposing team members start their drink and as soon as the glass is empty it is placed upturned on the participants head, at this point the next team member starts their drink and it continues down the line until the whole team has finished their drinks.

The boat race will take place in the evening on the Saturday of the event after the quiz.

epic.SIX Big Games & Fun Tournaments

Fun TimetableWith epic.SIX closing in fast (under two months now!) it's time to turn our attention to our casual gaming timetable for the weekend.

epic.LAN regulars will know, we go to a lot of effort to run loads of activities during the weekend on PCs, consoles and even away from the computers like our pub quiz.

So, as usual, we want to hear from you about big games you'd like to see in our timetable as well as any fun tournaments you would like us to organise.

However, smaller games, particularly RTS style and social games such as Werewolves don't appear in our timetable, as they tend to just happen through the weekend and we don't want to schedule every minute of your LAN! So we build in plenty of time for you to do your own thing too!


Aquatuning Supports epic.SIX

AquatuningWe can now confirm that Aquatuning UK, the watercooling and modding distributor, is the latest company to team up with us for the epic.SIX LAN gaming event in July.

Thanks to their support, participants at the event, have the chance to win up to €250 in cooling products from the Aquatuning range.

For more details about the company, visit www.aquatuning.co.uk or follow Aquatuning UK on Facebook.

Haden joins the team

HadenA familiar name to you all as an epic.LAN regular, and having been one of our resident DJs for a number of events, Haden joins the event team for epic.SIX as we continue to grow the team in support of the growing numbers and activities taking place at the LANs.

Haden will be joining the Hall 1 event team to not only help out with the normal duties such as running big games, fun tournaments, checking people in and our tuck shop, but naturally we will be abusing Haden's DJ skills to keep the Hall 1 playlist fresh during the event as well as making sure that all of the audio levels are appropriate and that you can hear all of the announcements in the hall clearly!

Welcome to the team Haden!

epic.SIX Seating Plan Open

Seating PlanAfter confirming a number of details with the venue, we can now open the epic.SIX Seating Plan!

As last time, we are running 2 halls. Regardless of where you sit, the event network will be linked and you'll be able to enter either of the halls with your event pass.


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epic.SIX Tt eSPORTS Team Fortress 2 Tournament

Tt eSPORTSThermaltake’s gaming division, Tt eSPORTS has today confirmed its sponsorship of the epic.SIX Team Fortress 2 Tournament taking place this July at Uttoxeter Racecourse, UK.

The £1000 tournament, for between 4 – 10 teams, will see Team Fortress 2 players from all around the UK and beyond compete for their chance to win a share of the prize with past winners, Infused.Tt keen to retain their crown from epic.FIVE in February at epic’s inaugural TF2 tournament.

In addition to Tt eSPORTS’ contribution to the Team Fortress 2 prize fund, the company will also be providing a range of their products to give away during the event for various other activities, as well as giving participants and visitors the opportunity to try out their gaming product range on a joint exhibition stand with epic.LAN’s retail partners, Kustom PCs.

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Bigfoot Networks Sponsor epic.SIX

Bigfoot NetworksBigfoot Networks is the first organisation to team up with epic.LAN ready for the epic.SIX event this July.

The team will be sending us a couple of their Killer 2100 Gaming Network Cards and some other freebies for some lucky winners at epic.SIX. We'll have a think about exactly what you'll have to do in order to win over the next few weeks.

Many thanks to the Bigfoot Networks team for their support at our next LAN event!

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Duke Nukem Forever - First Access Club

Duke Nukem ForeverWe've been able to get our hands on a load of Duke Nukem Forever - First Access Club keys, which will give early access to the Duke Nukem Forever demo as soon as it goes live, as well as other goodies such as wallpapers and DLC when the game is released.

And all you have to do to get hold of an access key is to have a confirmed epic.lite 4 booking or epic.SIX booking by Sunday 22nd May. It's as easy as that!

So make the most of the May payday and grab your seat for epic.SIX now!


Join the team for epic.SIX

Join the TeamWe make good team!

Following on from our evaluation of epic.FIVE, we have made some slight changes to the team here. We've moved a few people around, including KamiKaze's promotion to Assistant Tournament Manager to help develop our new tournament series along with Nivek as Tournament Manager.

We are also looking for one more person to join our event team as the events grow. If this is something you are intersted in being a part of, then please contact us with details of your experience, why you are interested in joining the team and what you could bring to the epic.LAN alternatively you can email us in the normal way.

Deadline for applications is Friday 29th April, we look forward to hearing from you.

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