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News :: epic.LAN 2020

epic.LAN 2020

Grab your diaries, put the holiday requests in, it's the epic.LAN 2020 dates!

  • epic29 - Thursday 20 - Sunday 23 February
  • epic30 - Thursday 2 - Sunday 5 July
  • epic31 - Thursday 8 - Sunday 11 October


February - Pretty much the same as last year, making sure we avoid valentine's weekend as apparently that's an issue! Arena event.

July - Later than usual, June was hurting us because of exam season so we've bumped it back a couple of weeks, but still avoiding full on summer holiday period because of people going on real holidays. Unsure as to whether this will be Arena or smaller event, will decide next few weeks.

October - Again, about the same as weekend as this year, it seems to work so why change it. Pretty sure it will be arena event based on current October numbers.