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epic31 Decision

We've been trying really hard to find a way that we could at least try to have a small pilot COVID-Secure event this October, and it was all looking positive until there was clarification that participants would need to wear masks at all times when inside, except for at designated eating and drinking areas. 

Yes, that would probably mean that you couldn't have food or drink at your desks, and that just meant that not enough people would have been willing to attend the event in those circumstances to make it viable. 

Combine that with how close epic31 is to the "planned" easing of restrictions on events and how often we've observed the rules change and that sadly means that we don't believe any sort of physical LAN event is possible for the coming months until there are significant changes in the rules set out by the UK Government. 

BUT once again, we're not going to just cancel things and forget about you all that weekend, that's not how we do things!
We know it's really important to keep these events happening for our casual and competitive players so we'll be putting on another awesome online event on the same weekend (8-11 October), featuring everything you saw at epic30 Online and more! 

We had already confirmed our esports tournaments would be played out online that weekend anyway, but now they'll be joined by:

  • Big Games
  • Fun Tournaments
  • Esports Tournaments (CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, SC2)
  • Board Games Area
  • Pub Quiz
  • Saturday Night Halloween Community Party
  • Stage Content
  • Community Championship
  • Staff vs Community Challenge...the rematch...again...part 4?
  • And we're going to try the Zoom boatrace again...with the staff winning this time...

A huge thanks to Overclockers UK and noblechairs too who have confirmed that they're sticking with us through the hard times and supporting the event once more. 

With everything we plan to include, we feel that it’s only fair that there will be a small ticket price to take part in the four-day event of £15. Even though we don’t have the physical event costs of things like the venue this time, as a business we do still have overheads that we’re still struggling with (warehouse rent, insurance, utilities, equipment/vehicle leases, tax bills etc.) and without any events taking place, it’s important that we try to cover those costs to make sure we’re still here for you in 2021. There will also be the option to top up that ticket price if you wish to help out more, but we understand that it’s a financial struggle for many people now too, hence keeping the base cost as low as possible.

Don't forget too, you can also buy epic.LAN merchandise to support us at this time too, so that you're fully kitted out ready for WAN. 

Refunds & Ticket Transfers
As last time, we'll be sending out a survey shortly (keep an eye out in your mailboxes in the next week, including Junk folder) asking you to select your preference and we’ll get those processed as soon as we can. Once again you'll have the options of transferring, refunding or other options you suggest. 

Some people have already very kindly offered to let us retain their refunds to help us survive so that we can continue delivering our events in the future. To those who have made that kind offer, thank you so much, and this will be one of the options when we contact you just so that we can formalise that and naturally you will be given access to the online event if you’ve offered your support in this way.

Stay safe everyone, and we still hope to see you at a physical event soon!

Jon & the epic.LAN Team