News :: EPIC36 - Room Shuffle

EPIC36 - Room Shuffle

With everything still being financially tight as we come out of 2 years of restrictions, and costs of everything going up for businesses as well as homes, it's really important that we make the best use of space at the event so that we can keep the events cost effective and going strong in the future. 

So with that in mind, we've decided to condense a few rooms down where spaces are still available to bring everybody on to the same floor at the event and have everything a little closer together. 

The summary of the changes includes:

  • Move current Portland players in to Pendeen (predominantly SC2)
  • Move current Lakeside players in to Portland (casual players)
  • Convert Lakeside in to indoor sleeping. 
  • Make Longstone & Bamburgh in to Staff Areas. 
  • Fair Isle is unchanged (mainly FPS esports)

This will allow us to cancel a couple of rooms at the venue for the smaller summer event without making a huge impact on capacity, but importantly stops us from making a financial loss on the event which we can't afford after the past few years. 

It also means that everyone is on the same floor, closer to the bar, shop and gallery area and gives us a single point of entrance in to the gaming areas, which is far easier for us to manage with our crew and security. 

We will start to make the practical moves where affected over the weekend of 11/12 June and will communicate with groups via the EPIC.LAN Discord if the different row sizes have any impact on seating, please make sure you keep an eye out in the EPIC36 channels.