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EPIC36 - Waiting List

Fair Isle and Pendeen tickets for EPIC36 are now sold out, if there are gaps on the seating plan this is where people have not selected seats but the capacity for those rooms has been reached. 

We will not be adding any extra rooms in to the event at this late stage as all logistics arrangements are in place and the room bookings have to be confirmed many weeks before the event. 

The only way to get a ticket now is through our waiting list, if people choose to cancel their tickets. 


If you can no longer attend the event, get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can attempt to resell your ticket. Once we hit the 28 day countdown to the event, we can only offer refunds if we are able to sell your ticket on, so the sooner you let us know, the better. If you leave it until the days before the event, the chances of us finding a buyer are very slim. To cancel, just raise a support ticket via our website. 

Waiting List

Apply to join the waiting list.

We operate 3 separate waiting lists:

  • Part-complete teams looking to complete their rosters
  • Casual gamers who are there just to take part for fun
  • Complete new teams

Naturally our priority is to help both competitive and casual groups who already have friends and teammates attending before any completely new teams. 

After joining the waiting list, if we receive a cancellation that we can offer to you, we will email you with instructions on how to claim the ticket. You will be given a deadline for a response before we move on to the next person in the list. We strongly recommend that you whitelist *.epiclan.co.uk emails from your email client so you don't miss our messages. If you don't reply after a couple of offers, we will assume you no longer want to be on the waiting list and remove you. 

Seating for Waiting List Tickets

We will try as much as possible to help groups sit together, but with a full event, it is very difficult to move people around as every move has a knock-on effect on other groups. We will try where possible to rearrange people to get groups sat together, but we cannot guarantee that those who have booked last will get to sit together. In the mean time, we would advise you to pick seats as close as possible together. 

Changing Rooms

If you have purchased a ticket for another room, it is unlikely that the waiting list process will allow you to move. This is simply because to process a cancellation we need to refund the original ticket holder, if you already have a ticket for the event we are unable to refund the original ticket holder, so the space never actually becomes available! So we do not recommend buying seats for the other rooms in the hope that you will get moved over as it is very unlikely at this point.