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News :: Farewell to the epic.FORUMS

Farewell to the epic.FORUMS

It’s time to bid farewell to the epic.FORUMS, as we will be putting them into read only mode on Friday 14th July.  They’ve served epic.LAN well for many years, being a place where we could communicate, share content and keep up to date on everything epic related, and have a chat about our favourite TV shows, and play a few games as well. 

We’re all using other methods to communicate now, so we’re going to put the interaction part that was on the forums into Discord.  This will go into our current layout, although we’ll occasionally create specific (and sometimes temporary) channels when we’re looking for feedback on certain things, such as event-specific defrag plans, through to time-limited events info. 

We’d like to make sure you’re all following us on twitter at twitter.com/epiclan and also remind you to sign up to discord at discord.gg/epiclan – these will be the primary ways of getting in touch with us before, during and after events.  

I’m going to be sharing some stats and stuff from the forums on twitter and discord over the next few days 

…oh, and for those of you who were looking to get the last word on ‘last post wins’ – we’re announcing this as Kameo, for his June 29th post.  Anything after this announcement doesn’t count, sadly, since that would be cheating.  Although Dunceantix would like you to know that, as the server demigod, he could always have had the last word.  Just saying. 

The forums will remain in archive mode for the next few months, and we’re also making sure that all galleries and photos move across to flickr. 

Look for new and interesting developments that will reward and encourage communication on Discord in future (we’re playing with some interesting stuff) and make sure you all keep in touch! 

Cheers, love! 

Jamie ‘reech’ Walker 
Community Manager