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Farewell to the epic.FORUMS

It’s time to bid farewell to the epic.FORUMS, as we will be putting them into read only mode on Friday 14th July.  They’ve served epic.LAN well for many years, being a place where we could communicate, share content and keep up to date on everything epic related, and have a chat about our favourite TV shows, and play a few games as well. 

We’re all using other methods to communicate now, so we’re going to put the interaction part that was on the forums into Discord.  This will go into our current layout, although we’ll occasionally create specific (and sometimes temporary) channels when we’re looking for feedback on certain things, such as event-specific defrag plans, through to time-limited events info. 

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Forum Replacement Update

ForumsSome time ago we announced that we would be moving our forums away from PHPBB2 and on to a new system. We can now confirm that the forums will be hosted using Invision Power Board (IPB), a platform that many of you will have seen on sites such as autosport.com and neowin.net.

Work is still ongoing to integrate the new forums into our website and ensure that we migrate as much data as possible. We'll also announce more details about some of the IPB features we'll be using over coming weeks.

All of your accounts and forum posts will be moved over to the new platform, however we are unable to get the Private Messaging data to transfer over due to the age of current system.

We'll give you plenty of notice before the actual switchover, but in the mean time if you have any useful info you need to keep from your PM history, then you may want to back it up locally before we do move over.