News :: Intel TUP Area at epic.NINE (Fully Booked)

Intel TUP Area at epic.NINE (Fully Booked)

IntelTUPWe are extremely pleased to confirm that our friends at Intel will be returning to providing our Turn Up & Play (TUP) area for epic.NINE allowing teams from all over the world to take part in the event.

So if you want to attend, but can't get your PC to the event, then now you have no excuses.

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The TUP area will be located in Hall 2, and as this is a Turn Up & Play arrangement rather than rental, all PCs must stay in that allocated area.


TUP tickets cost £80 per person, so that's the £57 for your event ticket and a mere £23 for the use of the top spec PC for the weekend. Teams must make a full-team booking in order to secure the machines together.

While we don't plan to allocate more than one player/team to the TUP machines, please be aware that we do reserve the right to use the machines for other activities when matches aren't taking place, e.g. sponsor activities.

TUP bookings will open from Monday 28th May at 8pm for full teams initially, to allow complete teams the chance to attend. We will then look at numbers and open up individual participant bookings once we've assessed the demand and have the final number of machines confirmed.

If you have already booked a BYOC place, please contact us if you wish to upgrade to TUP.