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epic.TEN DotA 2 Groups Recap

The DotA 2 tournament saw a total of six teams sign up, one of which being the last minute French favourites imGaming. Due to the number of sign ups, the teams participated in a round robin group stage where they faced each other twice in a best of one series. 

At the end of the group stage it was the French of imGaming that stood tall at the top of the group without dropping a single map to any of the other participating teams, though this may have been an expected result. The battle for second and third place between Team eNigma and Reason Gaming was a long, tiresome one, with the first of their two games stretching out into a 72 minute game on which eNigma came out on top. In their second meeting, things went down quicker, and after a few stumbles Reason fell again, seeing eNigma claim the second spot in the tables. This left Reason Gaming in the third place position, with another fellow British team, What Can You Do?, qualifying in the fourth available spot.


The elimination bracket will begin with the top spot holders imGaming up against third place qualifiers Reason Gaming, and team eNigma against WCYD?. Stay tuned to the epic.TEN coverage for round by ro