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Friday 17th Streaming Schedule

Dota 2

Dota 2It's the first day of our tournaments and our Dota 2 stream schedule is as follows:

  • 11:00 Dae 4 Lyf v Two Mangoes Please
  • 12:15 Dowderz Dream Stack v King dave has a subaru
  • 13:45 Soup's Jabronis v Rasta A Owl
  • 15:00 Under ctrl v Choke Gaming
  • 16:30 Choke Gaming v Rasta A Owl

You can catch all our Dota 2 action on our Twitch Stream throughout the day with our casters Steven "rusts" Holmson and Joe "QuesTextDota" Sealey you can Tweet them @Rustsandstuffs and @QuesTextDota

League of Legends

LOLOur LOL Streaming schedule is as follows and will be available to watch on our Twitch Stream.

  • Round 1: GiM White vs FM eSports @ 11
  • Round 2: FM eSports vs Wawa Diamond Yet? @ 12:30
  • Round 3: FM eSports vs Team Infused @ 14:00
  • Round 4: GiM White vs Wawa Diamond yet? @ 15:30
  • Round 5: Wawa Diamond Yet? vs Team Infused @ 17:00

Our games will be cast by Joe "Munchables" Fenny - @MunchablesLoL and Jackson "Osigalas" Walters - @Osigalas

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Dota2 Online Qualifiers Announced

Dota2 Qualifiers

Want to win a TUP place for your team in ESL's Dota2 challenge at epic12? Take place in ESL's Online Qualifiers and you could win full TUP tickets for your whole team! Find out more over at ESL UK.

ESL partners with epic.LAN for £3000 Dota2 Tournament


ESL UK and epic.LAN are pleased to announce a partnership for the next instalment of the popular offline event series, epic.TWELVE. The joint venture will see the inclusion of a guaranteed £3,000 DOTA 2 competition in February 2014.

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Dota 2 Coverage Day 2

The schedule for todays Dota 2 Coverage from epic.ELEVEN is a s follows (times subject to change)

11am Don't Axe Me vs. Next Gen
1:30pm Winner's Bracket Final
4pm Loser's Bracket Final

Tune in to our twitch channel to view the coverage, just click on the Dota 2 tab.

Dota 2 Coverage Day 1

Our schedule for coverage of our Dota 2 Tournament is as follows:

11am - Don't Axe Me vs. Next Gen
12pm - TmF Gaming vs. Beyond Defeat
1:30pm - Don't Axe Me vs. Beyond Defeat
2:30pm - Next Gen vs. TmF Gaming
4pm - Beyond Defeat vs. Next Gen
5pm - TmF Gaming vs. Don't Axe Me

Catch the games on our Twitch Channel. Just click on the Dota 2 tab.

epic.ELEVEN Tournaments Confirmed

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After the great response to epic.TEN in February, we've decided to stick with the same tournament lineup for our next event, epic.ELEVEN in July, with cash-prize winning tournaments in:

With over 100 people booked already, our summer LAN is shaping up to be pretty awesome! Make sure you grab your tickets now!

epic.TEN DotA 2 Groups Recap

The DotA 2 tournament saw a total of six teams sign up, one of which being the last minute French favourites imGaming. Due to the number of sign ups, the teams participated in a round robin group stage where they faced each other twice in a best of one series. 

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Dota 2 at epic.TEN

epic10 Dota2We're very excited to confirm Dota 2 as the third of our competitive tournaments for epic.TEN next February with a potential prize pot of up to £3000.

Obviously the game is still evolving and we're keeping an eye on how the game and competitive community develops between now and the LAN, but we've had so many members of the UK Dota community getting in touch with us over recent weeks asking us to host one of the first UK LAN tournaments for the game, and of course we really wanted to introduce a strategy game for the event!

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