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Let's level up for 2019

It's time to step up again as we announce our dates for 2019. After many sell-out events over recent years, we've finally agreed to move into the arena space at Kettering Conference Centre which will start to give us significantly more capacity, especially when combined with the new internet connection we had from the last event. 

So get your diaries, in 2019 we'll be bringing you epic.LAN events on the following dates:

  • epic26 - 7-10 February - 650 Spaces
  • epic27 - 13-16 June - 450 Spaces
  • epic28 - 10-13 October - 650 Spaces

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CS:GO Grand Final Recap

Though the two teams present in the Global Offensive grand final were in fact the top two seeds of the tournament, this didn't always look as if it was going to be the case. The second seed, mix team fish123, made their way through the upper bracket dropping only a single map, to the third seed TeamCRG, the team that put Infused in the lower bracket final. Infused had a tough run to make it all the way, finishing second in their group meant that they faced fourth seed TLR in the first round of elimination, a match that took all three maps to determine a winner. After dropping to CRG, they defeated the Lynx once again, this time 2-0, and found themselves yet again against TeamCRG. This time they had their revenge and took the win 2-1 seeing the progress to face fish123.

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CoD4 Grand Final Recap

After a long weekend of Call of Duty, in the end, just two teams remained to duke it out for the title of epic.TEN CoD4 champions.

Coming from the upper bracket was the second seeded mix team of Phantasmagoria, a team comprised of numerous players with an ever growing history within the Call of Duty scene. Entering as the opposition from the lower bracket was imGaming, the tournament's first seed, and it was originally Phantasmagoria who put them there.

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CS:GO Round 2 Recap

Those here at the event in the competitive gaming hall may have just heard the explosive end to the semi-final game between the tournament's top two seeds, Infused.Tt and TeamCRG. The series spanned all three maps, with the first going 16-7 in TeamCRG's favour and the next 16-8 to Infused.Tt. The third map looked to be going much the same way with CRG ahead 15-8 and looking to secure their final round to take the win and enter the upper bracket final.



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CoD4 Round 2 Recap


The second round of games in the Call of Duty 4 tournament elimination bracket here at epic.TEN have just ended with the Phantasmagoria team defeating the tournaments number one seed, imGaming, two maps to one. The other upper bracket semi-final game saw the third and fourth seeded teams go head to head, where Team Decerto came out on top after taking a two to nil win. 


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CS:GO Round 1 Recap

The first round of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive elimination bracket began late last night, with the final game coming to a close just a few minutes ago. As expected the four seeded teams progressed in to the elimination phase though most of them were greeted with a non-seeded team to play in the first round. This was not the case for the Infused or London Lynx team, who found themselves head to head due to the triumphs of TLR during the group stage.

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epic.TEN DotA 2 Groups Recap

The DotA 2 tournament saw a total of six teams sign up, one of which being the last minute French favourites imGaming. Due to the number of sign ups, the teams participated in a round robin group stage where they faced each other twice in a best of one series. 

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CoD4 Round 1 Recap

The Call of Duty 4 tournament saw the eight teams allocated with a seed progress from the group stage through to elimination phase, meaning that the first round consisted of some fantastic matches with even better ones expected to come.

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epic.TEN CS:GO Groups Recap

Here at epic.TEN the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive group stages have finally come to a close, and the tournament will be moving in to the elimination phase later on tonight. For those that missed it or just want to find out what went on, here is a brief recap of how each of the groups panned out.

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TLR vs London Lynx Recap

Seeding a tournament like this is always tricky, especially when there are only four seeds to allocate to a cohort of quite evenly matched teams. As it stands, the match up began with TLR entering as an unseeded team, whilst the London Lynx had been given the fourth. With that in mind, the TLR team entered this game wishing to right what they considered to be a wrong, and prove that the seed was rightfully theirs. Though, as it happens, all this match served to prove was that the initial statement made was a correct one – the teams are very evenly matched.

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