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TLR vs London Lynx Recap

Seeding a tournament like this is always tricky, especially when there are only four seeds to allocate to a cohort of quite evenly matched teams. As it stands, the match up began with TLR entering as an unseeded team, whilst the London Lynx had been given the fourth. With that in mind, the TLR team entered this game wishing to right what they considered to be a wrong, and prove that the seed was rightfully theirs. Though, as it happens, all this match served to prove was that the initial statement made was a correct one – the teams are very evenly matched.

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CS:GO epic.TEN Preview

With the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament at epic.TEN just one day away from kick off, it is a good time to take a brief look at how the tournament is shaping up with regards to team sign-ups. In the past epic.LAN has played host to some great, intense competitions with no clear winner in sight until the last few rounds of the final, and the tenth iteration is looking to be no different. A lot of teams have expressed interest in the event and a number of them have begun signing up to the tournament ahead of Friday. Here is a short preview of some of the top contenders:

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Time to GO to epic.LAN

epic.TEN CS:GOWith a new venue comes a new game for our tournament series at epic.TEN. It's time to put CSS to bed and welcome the latest incarnation, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to our events with a potential prize fund of £3000!

We've supported CSS for the last two years, but having seen numbers decline over more recent events, it's important for us to move with the times and look forward to hosting what's likely to be one of the biggest competitive FPS titles in the current scene.

Full details of the tournament will be made available closer to the time, but for now check out our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament pages for more details. If you're in a CSGO team, then make sure you book before the end of September to take advantage of £10 off the next event!

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