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CS:GO Tournament Preview

CS:GOThe epic.LAN Counter Strike: Global Operations tournament is all set to hit the stream with 9 teams arriving in Kettering ready to fight it out for a piece of the £1000 prize pool!
There are some familiar names, some not so familiar names, and even a rag tag mix of players formed right here at the LAN.

  • Interp!
  • Rasta.mix
  • TeamCRG
  • The loveliest men
  • The not so lovely men
  • TheLovelyMen
  • CSGO Lan Mix

Heading into the tournament TeamCRG and The not so lovely men lead the pack with TeamCRG being the returning winners of epic.ELEVEN, and The not so lovely men being a mix team made up of very high ranking CS players in the ranked matchmaking. That is not to say that it will be an easy battle with the likes of TheLovelyMen featuring ex CGS player HenryG and while Interp! is a community team, their roster includes former caster McRossy!
Rasta.mix, Team MINISTRY and The loveliest men are all formidible contenders looking to take some of the limelight away from the favourite teams, while it is always worth keeping an eye on a team formed at an event. CSGO Lan Mix have everything to prove and nothing to lose, will they be able to go toe to toe with rosters with months, if not more, practice as a team?

epic.TWELVE Confirmed Bookings open.

Winbar parted with a large amount of money recently to confirm that next years bookings are now in the diary. We are pleased to announce that epic.Twelve in February is now open for bookings and takes place Friday 14th - Monday 17th February 2014 here at Kettering Conference Centre.

Confirmed for the Tournament side are Starcraft 2, League of Legends and CS:GO. We'll also have the usual mix of Big Games, Fun Tournaments, DJ Slots and Pub quiz with lots of fun and shenanigans all thrown in for good measure.

Early bird discount ends September 30th @ 8pm so get your bookings in nice and early to save yourself a tenner. Lets make epic.TWELVE the biggest epic.LAN yet!

CS:GO Coverage Day 2

The schedule for todays CS:GO Coverage from epic.ELEVEN is a s follows (times subject to change)

Game 1 (10:00) - Team CRG v Team Dignitas

Game 2 (13:00) - TBA - Dependant on other results

Game 3 (16:00) - TBA - Dependant on other results
Game 4 (19:00) - TBA - Dependant on other results

Game 5 (21:00) - TBA - Dependant on other results

Tune in to our twitch channel to view the coverage, just click on the CS:GO tab.

CS:GO Coverage Day 1

Todays schedule for our CS:GO coverage is as follows:

Game 1 (10:00) - fm-eSports TOXIC v CLIQUE

Game 2 (13:00) - BBOMM v madfraggers

Game 3 (16:00) - Break / Interviews
Game 4 (19:00) - BBOMM v CRG

Game 5 (21:00) - fm-eSports TOXIC v Team Dignitas

watch live on our twitch channel, just click the tab for CS:GO.

Tt eSports Sponsor epic.ELEVEN CS:GO Tournament

Tt eSportsRegular supporters of epic.LAN, Tt eSports, have just confirmed that they will be sponsoring the epic.ELEVEN Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament.

In addition to the existing prize pools, the winning players will also be taking away:

  • 1st Place - 5x Theron Mice
  • 2nd Place - 5x SHOCK Headset
  • 3rd Place - 5x Galeru Mouse Bungee

There are still places left in the tournament, so sign up for your tickets now and make sure you add your team lineup to the tournament!

epic.ELEVEN Tournament Signups

epic.ELEVEN Tournament SignupsThe team signups for our main epic.ELEVEN tournaments are now open.

Once you've booked your event tickets, head over to our tournament site, log in with your normal details and then either create a new team, or join an existing team using the password from your team leader. 

All teams need to be signed up and confirmed by 8pm on Thursday 25th July, but the sooner people get teams sorted, the sooner schedules can be released!

CS:GO Grand Final Recap

Though the two teams present in the Global Offensive grand final were in fact the top two seeds of the tournament, this didn't always look as if it was going to be the case. The second seed, mix team fish123, made their way through the upper bracket dropping only a single map, to the third seed TeamCRG, the team that put Infused in the lower bracket final. Infused had a tough run to make it all the way, finishing second in their group meant that they faced fourth seed TLR in the first round of elimination, a match that took all three maps to determine a winner. After dropping to CRG, they defeated the Lynx once again, this time 2-0, and found themselves yet again against TeamCRG. This time they had their revenge and took the win 2-1 seeing the progress to face fish123.

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CS:GO Round 2 Recap

Those here at the event in the competitive gaming hall may have just heard the explosive end to the semi-final game between the tournament's top two seeds, Infused.Tt and TeamCRG. The series spanned all three maps, with the first going 16-7 in TeamCRG's favour and the next 16-8 to Infused.Tt. The third map looked to be going much the same way with CRG ahead 15-8 and looking to secure their final round to take the win and enter the upper bracket final.



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CS:GO Round 1 Recap

The first round of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive elimination bracket began late last night, with the final game coming to a close just a few minutes ago. As expected the four seeded teams progressed in to the elimination phase though most of them were greeted with a non-seeded team to play in the first round. This was not the case for the Infused or London Lynx team, who found themselves head to head due to the triumphs of TLR during the group stage.

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epic.TEN CS:GO Groups Recap

Here at epic.TEN the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive group stages have finally come to a close, and the tournament will be moving in to the elimination phase later on tonight. For those that missed it or just want to find out what went on, here is a brief recap of how each of the groups panned out.

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