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So What Is It?

We've all missed events so much, we've decided to launch a new one! Introducing the EPIC.LAN Tabletop Edition. 

This event is something we've wanted to try for some time, but the whole global pandemic thing slowed us down. But after we found a new venue for our July event, one thing led to another and we've decided to launch our pilot tabletop event at our Coventry outpost this August. 

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New Board Games Area

Board GamesOver the past few years, the popularity of board games at epic.LAN has been increasing every event.

After discussions with the venue and some changes to room layouts, we're pleased to announce that we'll be creating a board games area in the Lakeside Foyer at epic.FOURTEEN.

While the Gallery is designed to be a great social space, sometimes board games need extra concentration and as we screen more of our internal coverage and add entertainment to the Gallery, this new area will give board games fans some extra peace and quiet.

Planning to bring your favourite board games to the event? Chat with your fellow players over on our forums to make the most of our new area.