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epic.FOURTEEN CSGO Result Update

As many of you will be aware, following formal player reports, we had to investigate a number of matches from the epic.FOURTEEN CSGO tournament before confirming the winners. While the investigation was ongoing we suspended the prize giving to give the admin team time to come to their final decision, I'm sure everyone agrees that it would be wrong to finalise the results while an investigation is going on and naturally we cannot ignore complaints from players when they are made formally to our eSports team.

So now the admin team investigations have concluded, we can confirm that the original results of epic.FOURTEEN still stand:

  • Gold GB 1st Place - Obscene-eSports
  • GB 2nd Place - Infused

We would like to thank both teams for their patience during the investigation, it's not a decision taken lightly, but hope all agree that the actions are absolutely necessary during these cases. Prize payments will be issued to the teams later today.

Congratulations to Obscene-eSports, epic.FOURTEEN winners!


It's been a while since we had to make one of these posts but epic.FOURTEEN has SOLD OUT of participant tickets! Huge thank you to the team and community for supporting the event and making it well and truely our biggest yet. We do still have spectator tickets available, so if you want to come along and watch the action, then grab a spectator ticket for the weekend!

That means we're now into a waiting list scenario for the next couple of days with tickets and cancellations. Here's how it works:

  • If you've signed up to the event, did not buy a ticket in time and still wish to attend, please contact us straight away to let us know you are interested in a cancellation place.
  • We will then work through our waiting list for cancellation/refund requests strictly in the order we received them, we will confirm the ticket holder still wishes to cancel and ask that you get back to us within 4 hours to confirm.
  • Remember, we can only process refunds if we are able to re-sell your ticket as have passed the 28 day cut-off.
  • If we have a cancellation place available for you, we will email you with a unique link to pay for your ticket, please look at for the email as we will only hold the ticket for 4 hours before moving on to the next request.

Sorry it's tight turnaround on the emails, but with only a few days before the event, both cancellations and new tickets will want to know where they stand quickly before the weekend.

See you at epic.FOURTEEN in a couple of days!

epic.FOURTEEN - Prepare to LAN

Check in It's that time, epic.FOURTEEN is nearly upon us, so here are some last minute tips to help speed up check-in at the event:

  • Ensure any voucher codes have been allocated to the correct participant
  • Select your seat 
  • Print your barcode booking pass (yes it's fine to bring it on a phone/tablet device etc. but print outs scan better)
  • Don't forget to bring your acceptable form of ID, this is to verify your age (for the bar) and to make sure you are the person who owns the ticket
  • If you are under 16, you must have a signed parental consent form to be allowed in to the event.
  • If you are in the eSports tournaments, ensure that your team has signed up in full to the tournament system by 8pm Thursday.

If you are planning on paying for a participant place on the door (if there are spaces remaining), please create a booking on the system in advance, it's still fine to pay on the door (though seats aren't guaranteed), but will save time on the day.

Remember, the doors open at 4pm, if you arrive any earlier, please wait in the downstairs bar (open from 2pm) until we are ready for you.

On another note, please make sure you update your games before you attend to help us save bandwidth at the event.

See you on Thursday! And don't forget to go through our handy checklist while you're packing to make sure you don't forget anything!

Beer Pong at epic.FOURTEEN

Beer PongWhen somebody asked us to do Pong at epic.FOURTEEN, I think we got the wrong idea...

This version is far more interesting than the arcade original, as it involves beer. Yes, we'll be bringing along an official sized Beer Pong table for the Gallery area this event, who knew there was even an official size?

The Beer Pong kits will be available from the epic.LAN shop for a small refundable deposit and to help us out, the awesome KCC bar staff have agreed to do a beer pitcher offer to get you going, not only for the Beer Pong, but for things like the pub quiz as well to save you having to keep going back to the bar!

So much to look forward to at epic.FOURTEEN next week, and with only 28 tickets left, you'll have to book soon if you don't want to miss out!

MSI & InWin Return for epic.FOURTEEN


Our good old friends at both MSI Notebooks and InWin will be returning to exhibit for epic.FOURTEEN adding to the gallery activities running throughout the weekend.

Both organisations will be joining us on Friday and Saturday to demonstrate the latest awesome MSI notebook range and InWin chassis designs as well having various giveaways and prizes throughout the weekend.

We already know that InWin will be bringing along the following goodies and prizes:

  • 1x 904 Chassis
  • iEAR Headphone Hangers
  • Batmat Gaming Mousepads
  • iBite Smartphone Holders

But to be in with a chance of winning, you need to be there at epic.FOURTEEN. With only 33 seats remaining, make sure you book yours before they all go!

ASTRO Gaming Returns for epic.FOURTEEN

ASTRO GamingOur friends at ASTRO Gaming, makers of some pretty awesome audio gear and accessories, are back for epic.FOURTEEN, namely to support the biggest tournament of the event...the pub quiz!

We'll have some great goodies as part of the quiz, including an amazing A40 PC Headset and 4xA30 PC Headsets that we'll be giving away throughout the event!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning, make sure you have your epic.FOURTEEN ticket and are taking part in the quiz on the Friday night of the LAN!


AOC Sponsors epic.FOURTEEN Starcraft 2

AOCGamingWe've seen a bit of a resurgence of interest in Starcraft 2 here at epic.LAN, as one of the few organisations remaining in the UK to continue its support. So with the epic.FOURTEEN SC2 tournament just hitting its second prize tier it seems like a great time to announce that AOC will be supporting the tournament which will see the winner take away a 27inch G2770PQU 144Hz Monitor (worth £280+) and the runner up a 24inch G2460PQU 144Hz Monitor (worth £200+).

There are just 67 places left now for epic.FOURTEEN, so make sure you grab your ticket before they all go and don't forget to sign up to your chosen eSports tournaments.



epic.FOURTEEN Social Timetable

event timetableIt's what you've all been waiting for....... yes it's the epic.FOURTEEN social timetable! Chock full of Big Games, Fun Tournaments and other social activities such as a Karaoke Evening and Live DJ Night!

Check out the epic.FOURTEEN timetable now to make sure you've got all the games you need to join in with all the fun!

Still need to buy your ticket??? what are you waiting for there aren't many spaces left so hurry along to book your ticket now!

epic.FOURTEEN - Our Biggest Yet

There was an article doing the rounds on the internet last week saying that LAN gaming is dying. It amused me at the time as we had a fairly good feeling that epic.FOURTEEN was well ahead of our previous record of 359 and we can now officially say that, having gone past that number, epic.FOURTEEN is our biggest LAN yet.

And it's not just us, LAN gaming is still increasing in popularity in the UK and beyond. It's not just about playing games on a network any more (which was the point being made in the article with the usual 'who needs a LAN with good internet' stories), it's about the whole experience, social atmosphere, competitive scene and everything else that attracts people to spend a weekend with like-minded gamers and friends. Long may that continue.

On that note though, there's only 37 tickets left, and no more seats will be opened on the seating plan at this point, so that's our absolute limit. We're not going to magically release more seats after claiming we've sold out. So if you want to be there, you really do need to book your tickets quickly, before they all go!


Follow the action at epic.FOURTEEN

Event Seam GroupWant to know what is going on at epic.FOURTEEN and a way to see what all your chums are playing?! Well now you can!

We have an Event Steam Group which has reminders for all the big games throughout the weekend so you'll never miss a beat! Not only that but we have a nifty little tool that allows you to link your Steam account to your epic.LAN account. This means that when you join a game it will be displayed on our big screen and intranet. You will be able to see what everyone is playing and what the popular LAN games are.


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