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epic.15 League of Legends Roundup - Day 1

A breakdown of all of the group stage games on the first day of our League of Legends Tournament, featuring FM eSports, Infused, WaWa Diamond Yet, Gaming in Motion White and Mystic Teddy Brigade.





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InWin Fastest Lap

InWineOur friends from InWin will be joining us once again on Friday and Saturday at epic.FIFTEEN with their mystery fastest lap competition and showing off some of their awesome cases and accessories. 

Join them in the Gallery from Friday afternoon to win:

  • 1st Place - Pro1 Headset Holder & Batmat
  • 2nd Place - iEAR & Batmat
  • 3rd - Rockermat 2

epic.FIFTEEN - Weather Update

Looking ahead at the weather for the next week or so, it's not going to be as warm as it has been over recent weeks (highest of 22 on Friday), or in fact as bad as last July's heatwave, but it's still going to get a bit toasty at times at epic.FIFTEEN with so many bodies and computers around. So here are the hot weather plans for the event:

The event does have air conditioning in all rooms that we're using, however, those of you that have worked in server rooms/data centres will know that you need some serious aircon to cool a few hundred PCs, and that's not what the venue is designed for,  it would cost thousands of pounds to hire in industrial aircon that could cope (which of course would all go on to ticket costs). The weakest air conditioning is in the Pendeen room, and we are only using that for sleeping this event, so should cope fine without the computers. 

  • The aircon controlled for room as a whole, so some of you may be located closer to the fans than others and you may get a bit chilly. Please bear in mind that we'll have to make some decisions for the room as a whole to stop people and machines overheating even if a few people get a bit colder under those fans. Unless you're in a private room, please do not adjust the air conditioning yourselves. 
  • Sometimes you'll see us closing doors to cool rooms down, that may not make sense at the time, but the air conditioning is designed to cool that particular room, if the doors are open, then it will be working overtime to cool the adjacent rooms and corridors too.
  • Be sensible with what you're wearing! If you're sitting in jeans and a jumper all weekend, then you're going to get toasty, time to get the shorts out!
  • Drink plenty of water! Even though the bar is open, make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic and non-energy drinks to keep you hydrated.
  • Showers...(not saying anything more!)
  • Desk Fans - As we have not hit the event capacity, we will permit small desk fans on a one per table basis (not per person), but if we do suffer from any power issues, we may have to reverse this position. There is no limit on USB fans.
  • Turn your machines off when not in use - It would help to bring down the residual temperature if you shut your machines down if they're not going to be in use for a long period of time, e.g. overnight when you go to bed.

If everyone plays their part, we should be able to keep things bearable for you all!

epic.FIFTEEN - Improvements

epic15 Improvements

epic.FOURTEEN back in February may have been our biggest LAN to date, but there is always plenty we can improve on. If you weren't sure about attending, Winbar talks below about what we're going to do better next weekend at epic.FIFTEEN to help you make up your mind! Warning, MASSIVE POST alert! 

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Fun Tournament Prizes from ASTRO

ASTROGreat news for some of our fun tournament winners, you'll get to take away some neat ASTRO gear if you're good enough! 

We'll have the following prizes for the Minecraft, Chivalry and BF1942 fun tournaments:

Find out more about our casual gaming timetable and make sure you join us at epic.FIFTEEN next week to be in with a chance of winning.

epic.FIFTEEN Casters and Tournament Admins

CoverageCounter Strike: Global Offensive


Ben brings a wealth of experience to our casting lineup here at epic.FIFTEEN as he has previously casted for us at epic.FOURTEEN and has continued his work with activities in the ESL UK Premiership, as well as being on the analysis desk for the UK Premiership Finals back at MCM in May. Meanwhile Mark has been a long time member of the casting community as he famously did work at some iSeries CS: Source events and has also been with us too. Jack will be joining the lineup after he has finished competing in the group stages with his team 27in1 and is one of our fresh faces to the casting lineup as he has done work with FACEIT and online for 27in1 in Counter Strike before.



Steven is probably one of the most complete casters we have ever had grace our events, his knowledge of DotA2 is practically unrivaled and his casting is incredibly in line with top level casters. He had casted for us at epic.FOURTEEN and we welcome him back to our lineup here for our Summer LAN. Joe is one of the few newcomers to our LAN events and is relatively new on the casting stage, so once again after a successful stint at epic.FOURTEEN we welcome him back too. Over the course of the weekend there will be multiple players joining the stream to also help cast some of our quality DotA2 games.

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epic.FIFTEEN - Seating Plan

Seating Plan

The seating plan for epic.FIFTEEN is filling fast as the last-minute bookings start to arrive. The number of seats showing on the plan is the final number that will be available for epic.FIFTEEN as we have to order tables and chairs well in advance of the event, once those seats have gone, no more will be released. 

In order to manage last-minute seating as best as possible and make all efforts to keep friends and teams together, we will be locking the seating plan at 6pm 9th July. From this point, you will not be able to move seats, but new bookings will still be able to select a seat once. 

We will then 'defrag' the seating plan where needed to maximise the space available for groups or to reduce the number of rows to give more space. We will minimise how many people we move and where it is clear (e.g. same clan tag, or signed up as a team to the tournament system) we will keep people together, so make sure you update your clan tags in your profile to help. 

If there are any urgent requests after the lockdown, please contact us through our support portal.

Join the epic.FIFTEEN Team

Join the Team

Putting on a LAN event is very hard work, but extremely rewarding and it wouldn't be possible with the great volunteer team we have here at epic.LAN. With our last event selling out, nearly 1/4 of all the seats gone for epic.FIFTEEN and the introduction of our Xbox One COD tournament, the next event is shaping up to be very popular already so we're looking for a few more people to join our awesome team.


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