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Day 3 Streaming Schedules


  • Team uFrag Vs Perilous Fury 11am
  • Semi-Finals Upper Bracket (1pm)
  • Upper Bracket Final (4pm)
  • Lower Bracket Final (7pm)
  • Consolation Final (10pm)

CS:GO is available to watch on our twitch channel.

Starcraft II

  • Gamerrichy Vs ThurJD (11am)
  • Quarter Finals Upper Bracket (1pm)
  • Semi-Finals Upper Bracket (3pm)
  • Upper Bracket Final (5pm)
  • Lower Bracket Semi-Final (7pm)
  • Lower Final (9pm)
  • Consolation Final (11pm)

Starcraft II is available on our twitch channel


Hearthstone Schedule will be updated as soon as the tournament gets underway at 1pm this afternoon. 

Dota 2

Due to some minor tech issues we're still struggling to stream any of the Dota2 tournament we're hoping to give this another go today and hopefully get some of the matches out to you. Further updates on this will be announced as and when we can. Thanks

Streaming Schedules Final Day!

This is it guys the last day of LAN *sad face* but that mean's it's finals day for our eSports Tournaments. Here are our Streaming Scedules for the games. 

CS:GO - Choke Vs CAZ eSports

Our CS:GO Final Starts at 11am and can be viewed on our Twitch Channel

DotA2 - Choke Vs Dae 4 lyf

Our Dota2 Final starts at 9am and can be viewed on our Twitch Channel

LoL - fm-eSports Vs Team Infused

Our League of Legends final starts at 10am and can be viewed on our Twitch Channel

SC2 - Boombox Vs Aicy

Our Starcraft 2 final starts at 11am and can be viewed on our Twitch Channel




epic.FIFTEEN Casters and Tournament Admins

CoverageCounter Strike: Global Offensive


Ben brings a wealth of experience to our casting lineup here at epic.FIFTEEN as he has previously casted for us at epic.FOURTEEN and has continued his work with activities in the ESL UK Premiership, as well as being on the analysis desk for the UK Premiership Finals back at MCM in May. Meanwhile Mark has been a long time member of the casting community as he famously did work at some iSeries CS: Source events and has also been with us too. Jack will be joining the lineup after he has finished competing in the group stages with his team 27in1 and is one of our fresh faces to the casting lineup as he has done work with FACEIT and online for 27in1 in Counter Strike before.



Steven is probably one of the most complete casters we have ever had grace our events, his knowledge of DotA2 is practically unrivaled and his casting is incredibly in line with top level casters. He had casted for us at epic.FOURTEEN and we welcome him back to our lineup here for our Summer LAN. Joe is one of the few newcomers to our LAN events and is relatively new on the casting stage, so once again after a successful stint at epic.FOURTEEN we welcome him back too. Over the course of the weekend there will be multiple players joining the stream to also help cast some of our quality DotA2 games.

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Today's DOTA2 Casting Schedule (Saturday)

Dota2Here is todays casting schedule for our DOTA2 tournament:

13:30: Smedley Vs J+4

15:00: Lower bracket semi finals

19:00: Upper final runner Vs lower consolidation winner

Catch all the action on our DOTA2 Twitch Channel and on our dedicated tournament website.

Today's CS:GO Casting Schedule (Saturday)

CS:GOAfter a bit of a delay yesterday, for which we apologise, we are back on track with our CS:GO tournament and here are todays matches.

  • 11am: TLR Vs 13bastards
  • 1pm: Winner of TLR/OBSCENE/Crisp
  • 4pm: Upper Final
  • 7pm: Lower Consolidation

Stay tuned to our CS:GO Twitch Channel for our featured matches and all the coverage from todays games on our tournament site!

epic.Fourteen Tournament Roundup Part One

We quickly run through the results of the eSports tournaments at epic.FOURTEEN up to the end of Friday night, covering group stages and any played elimination stages


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eSports Organisations @ epic.14

We take a brief look at some of the eSports Organisations sponsoring teams and players at epic.FOURTEEN; Choke Gaming, London Conspiracy, Molotovs and Marshmallows Gaming, Team Infused and Perilous Gaming

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epic.THIRTEEN Tournament Round Up.

epic.THIRTEEN has seen slightly smaller than usual, but no less competitive tournaments. We featured League of Legends, DotA 2, Starcraft 2, CS:GO and Hearthstone. We'd like to thank the sponsors for providing prizes for all the tournaments for this event and our thanks go out to Razer, AOC, ESL, Gamdias, GT Omega and Tesoro.



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Tournament Admins for epic.THIRTEEN

tournament adminsSo epic.THIRTEEN is just around the corner.... no really it is! We're all looking forward to the July event and to make sure we have all the tournaments running in an orderly fashion we have a full line up of Admins joining our tournament team this event and they are:

for League of Legends:

  • Stuart 'Valgar' Bridges
  • Carl 'Roden' Roden

for CS:GO:

  • Mike 'Dollon' Sargeant
  • Richard 'Fenrir' Hillier

for DotA 2:

  • Mac 'Maccy' Chapman
  • Jacob 'TheKenwyne' Lawton

for Starcraft 2:

  • Ben 'Kane' Knight
  • Chris 'Tetcher' Ivermee

Don't forget to grab your ticket now to be a part of the tournaments at epic.THIRTEEN. Already have your ticket then sign up to your tournament here!



League of Legends Coverage Day 2

The schedule for todays LOLCoverage from epic.ELEVEN is a s follows (times subject to change)

Infused Gaming vs mYinsanity - 10:00 (currently streaming)

LowLandLions vs Infused Gaming - 13:00

Lower Final - 19:00

Brackets and times can be found here.

Tune in to our twitch channel to view the coverage, just click on the LOL tab.

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