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An old friend gives back to the community

I think it's fair to say that epic.LAN has become the home of the UK Starcraft 2 community over recent years. Bearing in mind the game was released nearly 10 years ago, epic26 is about to see a full SC2 tournament with 32 players, with a community that is showing some more recent titles how it's done. 

The SC2 players are always friendly and show the event and the epic.LAN staff a world of respect; because we keep supporting the community, they keep coming back, event after event and they're a pleasure to have at our LANs. 

Earlier this week, I was contacted by someone who attended their first epic.LAN as a Starcraft 2 player in 2014, and went on to win the tournament at epic14, take 2nd place at epic15 & epic16 before moving on to play (and win) Overwatch at epic20 and of course Overwatch is where you will find Boombox playing now, but now with OWL team, Philadelphia Fusion. 

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Day 2 Streaming Schedule

Day 2 at epic.FIFTEEN and here are our streaming schedules for the day you can watch all our streams from the event at our Twitch Channels.


Twitch Channel 1

  • Choke Gaming Vs fish123 - 11am
  • Lower Bracket Semi-Final - 2pm
  • Upper Bracket Final - 4pm
  • Consolation Final - 9pm

Dota 2

  • Rasta A OWL v DAVE - 11AM
  • DAE 4 LIFE v CHOKE - 3PM

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AOC Sponsors epic.FOURTEEN Starcraft 2

AOCGamingWe've seen a bit of a resurgence of interest in Starcraft 2 here at epic.LAN, as one of the few organisations remaining in the UK to continue its support. So with the epic.FOURTEEN SC2 tournament just hitting its second prize tier it seems like a great time to announce that AOC will be supporting the tournament which will see the winner take away a 27inch G2770PQU 144Hz Monitor (worth £280+) and the runner up a 24inch G2460PQU 144Hz Monitor (worth £200+).

There are just 67 places left now for epic.FOURTEEN, so make sure you grab your ticket before they all go and don't forget to sign up to your chosen eSports tournaments.



epic.FOURTEEN Starcraft 2 Returns

SC2We thought epic.THIRTEEN was going to be the last we saw of the SC2 community for a while, but there was such great support and we've had so many people asking us to keep SC2 on the lineup, we're pleased to confirm that Starcraft 2 will be back for epic.FOURTEEN in February 2015 as one of our official eSports tournaments.

epic.FOURTEEN takes place from 19-22nd February 2015 at the Kettering Conference Centre. Tickets are just £55 until the end of September.

We look forward to welcoming the SC2 community back to our next event!


Tournament Admins for epic.THIRTEEN

tournament adminsSo epic.THIRTEEN is just around the corner.... no really it is! We're all looking forward to the July event and to make sure we have all the tournaments running in an orderly fashion we have a full line up of Admins joining our tournament team this event and they are:

for League of Legends:

  • Stuart 'Valgar' Bridges
  • Carl 'Roden' Roden

for CS:GO:

  • Mike 'Dollon' Sargeant
  • Richard 'Fenrir' Hillier

for DotA 2:

  • Mac 'Maccy' Chapman
  • Jacob 'TheKenwyne' Lawton

for Starcraft 2:

  • Ben 'Kane' Knight
  • Chris 'Tetcher' Ivermee

Don't forget to grab your ticket now to be a part of the tournaments at epic.THIRTEEN. Already have your ticket then sign up to your tournament here!



epic.TWELVE Confirmed Bookings open.

Winbar parted with a large amount of money recently to confirm that next years bookings are now in the diary. We are pleased to announce that epic.Twelve in February is now open for bookings and takes place Friday 14th - Monday 17th February 2014 here at Kettering Conference Centre.

Confirmed for the Tournament side are Starcraft 2, League of Legends and CS:GO. We'll also have the usual mix of Big Games, Fun Tournaments, DJ Slots and Pub quiz with lots of fun and shenanigans all thrown in for good measure.

Early bird discount ends September 30th @ 8pm so get your bookings in nice and early to save yourself a tenner. Lets make epic.TWELVE the biggest epic.LAN yet!

Starcraft 2 Coverage - Day 2

The schedule for todays Starcraft 2 Coverage from epic.ELEVEN is a s follows (times subject to change)

•    10:00 - Day Two Starts
•    11:00 - Upper Round of 16
•    12:00 - Upper Round of 8
•    13:00 - Upper Round of 4 / Lower Round of 8
•    14:00 - Break
•    15:00 - Lower Round of 4
•    16:00 - Upper Final
•    17:30 - Lower Final
•    19:00 - Consolation Final
•    20:30 - End of Day Two

Tune in to our twitch channel to view the coverage, just click on the SC 2 tab.

Starcraft 2 Coverage - Day 1

Tune into the Twitch Channels to catch live coverage of our Starcraft 2 Tournament from day 1 of the competition.

Today's Scheduled streams will be:

12:00 - DreAm vs Mystic
12:45 - Gunnersmate vs SouL
14:00 - Shibbxyz vs Wardi
14:45 - Sabre vs Highgain
16:00 - Ourk vs Soul
16:45 - Joericharson vs Grimzzy
18:00 - Rotcod vs Sylce
19:00 - End of Day One

The stream can be found here. Just click on the SC2 tab on the video feed.

epic.ELEVEN SC2 Tournament Announced

SC2OK, we gave in to the pressure and have decided to put on a small SC2 tournament for epic.ELEVEN to introduce the community to our events and hopefully grow in the future.

Sadly we haven't seen the signup numbers that we would expect from some of our other games, and following a load of interest from SC2 players, we've decided to give them the space instead as we host our first tournament in association with GameSocial.

We've made some space for the SC2 community on our seating plan, tournament signups are now open, so once you've booked your place, you can join in the tournament!

Tournament places are initially limited to 32 players with prize triggers from £250-£1000. Depending on initial interest, we may be able to raise this limit.

We look forward to seeing the community at epic.ELEVEN this July!