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'Lokā€™Tar Ogar' - epic20 Hearthstone Round up!

Sean 'Vorpal' Morris takes us through the deck lists of the epic20 Hearthstone Finalists Blackout and MnM Mysterious

epic20 saw the return of Hearthstone to the Kettering Conference Centre and twenty two competitors battling for glory. The tournament at epic.LAN has previously seen entry from players of a wide variety of skill, and with a great diversity of decks however this event had something special: Hearthstone pros Blackout and MnM Mysterious attending to test their mettle against the epic.LAN community.

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epic20 Dota 2 Grand Finals

Perilous Ruin vs The Super Cool Dudes

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epic20 Dota 2 Day Two Recap

We Go Gym vs Jiwad to build a snowman

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epic20 Overwatch: Interview with TPO Captain

With epic20 being held over this weekend, we take a look at the Overwatch tournament and some of the teams taking part in the hopes of securing their portion of the £800-1200 prizepool on offer. So far 5 teams have entered into the competition including the likes of Penguin Overlords and Pale Ginger Cyclones, however it’s likely a number of casual teams will sign up and bring the final count up to around the 8-10 team mark.

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epic20 Dota 2 Day One Recap

Perilous Ruin vs Enslave Gaming

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epic20 Dota 2 Tournament Preview

It’s not often that players from the UK get to show off their DotA 2 abilities in a LAN environment, with very few players from the region having an impact on the professional scene. But the game has found a growing fanbase in the UK in recent years, becoming the third most popular game played by Steam users in the country...

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epic20 Meal Vouchers

After launching a successful 3 day breakfast meal voucher a few LANs ago, KCC and ourselves here at epic.LAN are pleased to announce that now you can also pre book a 3 day evening meal voucher. 

The 3 day evening meal voucher is £13.50 and entitles you to one of the main £5.00 meal options each night of LAN. Pre purchasing your meals couldn't be easier just go to your event booking and add it as a service your vouchers will then be allocated to you when you check in to the event. 


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be quiet! support Overwatch Fun Tournament

be quietGreat news for our fun tournament participants as be quiet! a long term supporter of epic.LAN confirms they'll be supporting our Overwatch 1v1 fun tournament. 

The tournament winner will take away a Dark Base Pro 900 Silver Case

2nd place will take away a Silent Base 800 Orange Case

3rd place will take away a Pure Base 600 Black Case

A huge thank you to be quiet! for their continued support!

Cancellations, Transfers and Waiting Lists

Great news, even with a bigger capacity for 2017, we're sold out for epic20. Don't be mad if you missed out, it's not our fault! The capacity is final, we're unable to add in any additional seats. 

Now that's happened, a waiting list will be set up for any tickets and cancellations. 


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epic20 Seating Plan Restrictions Lifted

Yesterday we exceeded all previous participant numbers from previous events making epic20 our biggest event to date. 

That has placed some pressure on the seating plan and therefore the restrictions on sitting in either the Portland or Bamburgh rooms have now been lifted so you may now select these areas for any games. 

Note that there will still be 'defrags' taking place over the coming weeks to get teams and groups sat together where possible, but as tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis, we cannot promise that late bookings can be accomodated at this stage. 

Please keep an eye on the Fair Isle Defrag forum post for more information. If you are playing as part of a team in one of our tournaments, make sure you have signed up to the tournament site and all set the same clan tag on your main account as it will help us with the seating process. 

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