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epic21 CSGO Saturday Schedule

We've had some nail-biting action so far in our epic 21 CSGO tournament and today's elimination stages will be no exception! You can tune in to the matches over on twitch.tv/epiclan1 and we plan to stream the following games today:

  • 11am - Team CeX vs Indoor Campers
  • 12.30pm - LB Quarter Final
  • 2:30pm - UB Semi Final
  • 5pm - UB Final
  • 8pm - LB Final #1

Stay tuned and support your favourite UK CSGO teams as they race towards Sunday's grand final!


epic21 Hearthstone Stream Schedule

And here's your schedule for today's epic21 Hearthstone Tournament:

  • 12oon - Killersheep vs Quickscoperz
  • 1pm - UB Semi Final 2
  • 2pm - LB Semi Final 1
  • 3pm - LB Final 1
  • 4pm - LB Final 2
  • 5pm - Grand Final

You can find our Hearthstone Stream on twitch.tv/epiclan4

Saturday Dota2 Stream Schedule

It's time for our BlinkPredict Dota2 esports tournament to continue here at epic21 and here's the schedule of games for you to find over on twitch.tv/epiclan2:

  • 11am - Zakstabbed vs Perilous Raze
  • 1.30pm - LB Quarter Final
  • 4pm - UB Final
  • 6.30pm - LB Final
  • 9pm - LB Final 2

You can also find out more about our tournament sponsors BlinkPredict by giving them a follow on Twitter.

epic21 Day 1 Roundup

So I'm covering for our Content Manager at epic21 who was unable to make it, so here's how day 1 went but this time from a behind-the-scenes perspective. 

We started the morning on the back foot after a very long setup day on Wednesday for the team, the heat, combined with having to bring 170 tables up to the 1st floor, left a very tired staff team by Thursday morning. We also had a number of power issues following on from the installation of a new power system in to the venue that took all morning to resolve, obviously lack of power then has a knock on effect to the rest of the setup plans. There was a bit of fun to discover one of our main uplinks running through the building had been used for something else since our last event, but we quickly worked out what had happened and moved on. 

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CSGO Stream Schedule (Friday)

It's nearly time for our tournaments to kick off here at epic21. To follow along the progress from home, head over to our tournament site for results and fixtures. 

We'll be streaming some of the action over on twitch.tv/epiclan1 with our casting team of Jamie Martin (SwitchBladeJay), John Allen (@JohnAllenCasts) and Jamie Stewart (Squid) and our draft schedule for the stream will be:

  • Round 1 - uFrag Gens vs FlexOnDem
  • Round 2 - Impulse Mix vs xL-Infused
  • Round 3 - EID vs Descend
  • Round 4 - Radix vs Plebs
  • Round 5 - Norfolk vs Saviours
  • Round 6 - Reason vs Descend
  • Round 7 - CeX vs Impulse

 Of course, being a live LAN event these things are subject to change! 

Noctua Sponsor Fun Tournaments at epic21

Our friends over at Noctua have sent us some awesome prizes for the winners of the Porcunipine 1v1v1v1 and Street Fighter 1v1 fun tournaments.

The prizes for both tournaments are as follows:

  • 1st - NH-D15S D-Type Premium CPU Cooler & NF-P14s Redux Fan
  • 2nd - NH-U12S CPU Cooler & NF-F12 PWM Premium Fan
  • 3rd - NH-L9i L-Type Low-Profile CPU Cooler


  • Porcunipine 3rd will also recieve a NF-P14s Redux Fan
  • Street Fighter 3rd will also recieve a NF-F12 PWM Premium Fan

You can sign up to both of these fun tournaments here.

A huge thank you to Noctua for their support of these fun tournaments!

Overclockers UK are attending epic21!

Our friends Matt, John and 8pack from Overclockers UK will be joining us at epic21 with a chill-out area to show off their sweet gaming rigs and awesome noblechair gaming chairs.

Visit their stand in the Gallery to challenge them at PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, Overwatch and Battlefield and you never know, they may even give you a slice of pizza!

Luxury gaming noblechairs will also be on display and there will be a giveaway running throughout the event to win one of their EPIC Gaming Chairs so watch out for an announcement about that on all the usual epic.LAN social media places. 

The boys will be with us for the full 4 days of the event so make sure you pop over and say hi.

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ASTRO sponsors epic21

Great news for Rocket League fans as our friends at ASTRO have confirmed their support for epic21 with over £750 in hardware for the tournament.   

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be quiet! support Overwatch Fun Tournament at epic21

Great news for our fun tournament participants as be quiet! a long term supporter of epic.LAN confirms they'll be supporting our Overwatch 1v1 fun tournament. 

The tournament winner will take away a Pure Base 600 Windows (Orange) Case and a Pure Power 10 500W CM PSU

2nd place will take away a Pure Base 600 (Black) Case

3rd place will take away a Pure Power 10 500W CM PSU

A huge thank you to be quiet! for their continued support!

BlinkPredict Sponsors Dota2 at epic21

As the UK Dota scene continues to show its support for epic.LAN we are delighted to announce that BlinkPredict will be sponsoring the Dota 2 tournament at epic21.

Thanks to their support, the prize pool has been boosted to a minimum £1000 guaranteed with extensions at all other triggers. BlinkPredict have also agreed to contribute additional £50 to the prize pool for each team over 10 teams that sign up to the tournament, taking the maximum prize pool up to £4000. 

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