News :: epic.Fourteen Tournament Roundup Part One

epic.Fourteen Tournament Roundup Part One

We quickly run through the results of the eSports tournaments at epic.FOURTEEN up to the end of Friday night, covering group stages and any played elimination stages


league of legendsLOL

Both London Conspiracy and Choke Gaming emerged from their groups with an undefeated (4-0) record. Molotovs and Marshmallows Gaming, Friendship is Magic, Team Infused, elo boosted and Napoleon eSports fill out the elimination stage and are joing by the Copenhagen Doges who managed to scrape the advancing place in the groups after securing their only victory against Promethium Gaming.




The top eight teams of the initial twelve competitors have made it through to the Elimination stage, with Team Infused and Obscene eSports leading their respective groups followed by The Last Resort, 2seXeh Monsters and Crisp from Group A and Perilous Rage, 13bastards and NiceGuys from Group B. 





Ourk, Boombox, Mix and figaro all got through the group stages with a flawless 5-0 record, while Cladorhiza, Reolvuti8n, Aicy and Gamerrichy advanced after suffering only a single loss each. They are followed by Joerichardson96, Mystic, Ziroy Krosis, Grimzzyu, Ceonsamea, Azuresa and FMCLN to round out today’s elimination bracket.





After yesterdays games the group stages have been completed and we are part way through the double elimination stage of the tournament. LDT Community, Pack your Socks and The Mercinarieshave been eliminated from the tournament, while WAOW Gaming, Whieny Gamers, Obscene eSports and Rasta. A Owl have dropped into the lower bracket where they are a single series away from elimination. This leaves JOHN_SMEDLEY and Jesus+4.Techter as the two teams in the upper bracket final duking it out for a play in the Grand Finals.