News :: Friday 17th Streaming Schedule

Friday 17th Streaming Schedule

Dota 2

Dota 2It's the first day of our tournaments and our Dota 2 stream schedule is as follows:

  • 11:00 Dae 4 Lyf v Two Mangoes Please
  • 12:15 Dowderz Dream Stack v King dave has a subaru
  • 13:45 Soup's Jabronis v Rasta A Owl
  • 15:00 Under ctrl v Choke Gaming
  • 16:30 Choke Gaming v Rasta A Owl

You can catch all our Dota 2 action on our Twitch Stream throughout the day with our casters Steven "rusts" Holmson and Joe "QuesTextDota" Sealey you can Tweet them @Rustsandstuffs and @QuesTextDota

League of Legends

LOLOur LOL Streaming schedule is as follows and will be available to watch on our Twitch Stream.

  • Round 1: GiM White vs FM eSports @ 11
  • Round 2: FM eSports vs Wawa Diamond Yet? @ 12:30
  • Round 3: FM eSports vs Team Infused @ 14:00
  • Round 4: GiM White vs Wawa Diamond yet? @ 15:30
  • Round 5: Wawa Diamond Yet? vs Team Infused @ 17:00

Our games will be cast by Joe "Munchables" Fenny - @MunchablesLoL and Jackson "Osigalas" Walters - @Osigalas

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GOOur CS:GO Streaming Schedule for the first part of the day are as follows:

  • 11am uFrag vs Devine
  • 1pm 27in1 vs efiled
  • 3pm fish123 vs Curse These Metal Hands

They will be streaming from our Twitch Channel and your hosts will be:

  • Ben "Hoss" Hosford - @Hosselote
  • Mark "Crossy" Cross - @mcrossy12
  • Jack "Jacky" Peters (post Group Stages) - @27in1Jacky

Our CS:GO TV IPs are: