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Tournament Winners

It was a long day of finals here at epic.TWELVE, though I think it would be fair to say that everyone had a good time including the admins and casters. So on to the winners:

League of LegendsLeague of Legends Sponsored by Astro.

Winners: FM RaiderZ

Runners Up: Team Infused





Winners: Team CRG

Runners Up: The Lovely Men


ESL Dota 2 Challenge

Winners: Dwayne 'The John' Rockson

Runners Up: So LeJit


Starcraft IIStarcraft II

Winners: Ourk (FM)

Runners Up: Rotcod (TLR)


LOL: Team Infused Vs MyXMG

League of LegendsRound 1

The game opens with some smooth moves from yoloswag420’s Leblanc getting first blood on Kha’zix in a tense 1 v 1 in the midlane. Returning to lane Kha’zix works with Nutri to exact revenge on Leblanc who had no summoner spells available. The pace of the game slows down momentarity, but a strong gank from Lanky Dan gives XMG a double kill onto pantheon in exchange for the support. A 2 for 1 in the midlane allows MXMG to take the first dragon of the game just before the 10 minute mark, almost evening out the gold despite the first blood and CS discrepancies. A Pantheon ultimate down in the bottom lane combos with the CC of Leona locks down Omega, allowing MyXMG to take down the first turret of the game. Infused’s bot lane heads towards the dragon, but are spotted by a ward instigating an engage from MyXMG.

Team Infused counter engage perfectly and even though neither team picked up the dragon, Infused come out on to with a 3 for 2. MyXMG race back to the dragon pit to sneak it before Team Infused can get near, which inches the gold lead into their favour. Both teams are neck and neck until XMG take a pick onto Karma before divind the outer turret to take out an additional 2 members of Infused. From the back of this they take both the outer and inhibitor turret along with the inhibitor itself, extending their Gold lead to 6k. My XMG look like they are have some communication issues, as they get caught in the enemy jungle while WaWa solo pushes bot, giving two kills over to infused. With super minions chewing through the Nexus turrets, Infused are force to recall leaving MyXMG free to take a Baron 30 minutes in. Wearing the baron buff MyXMG wander into the base of Team Infused to make sure the mid inhibitor turret stays down, before rotating to the bottom lane to take the Inhibitor there.

In a desperate bid Team Infused try to stop MyXMG’s advances, but get dove under the tower and lose another two members without successfully defending the structures. Now with 10k gold lead MyXMG brute force their way to the third and final inhibitor, taking it down before finishing off the Nexus turrets and taking the first game in this best of three. MVP for this game has to go to yoloswag420 with his incredibly potent Leblanc play, picking up first blood from the outset and making all the right picks throughout the game.

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LOL: Promethium Gaming B Vs FDB

League of LegendsLots of action in the early game due an interesting pick with the jungle alistar. PGBs Kha’Zix attempts to invade Alistar at his red but the communication of FDB allows his mid laner to assist and take down khaz.
Some miscommunication in the bot lane from FBD means that what starts as a good gank from Alistair results in not even taking away any summoners. Kha’zix once again attempts an invade onto Alistar but this time FDB cannot respond in time, and with an Evolved Taste the Fear’s isolation damage cuts through the pre 6 Alistar.
Another engage in the bot lane from FDB, this time implemented much better, allowing them to pick up a double kill, demonstrating the power of the CC heavy Alistar Jungle. Meanwhile in hte toplane Khazix finds Renekton at the Golems and picks up his 5th kill of the game.
As we enter the midgame, FBD appear to be winning teamfights by locking down the snowballing KhaZix, yet PGB are exhibiting superior map control and just picking up kills all over the rift.  21 minutes in Promethium Gaming Team B are pulling ahead with a 6k gold lead, as while they are only 2 kills up they have a large lead in objectives.

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LOL: TLR Vs KappaKappaKappa

League of LegendsOne of the closest games  so far in the tournament , relatively even with only minor gold diferences until  they hit the late game at 40 minutes , where the differences in team comp start to shine through. The late game hyper carry marksman of Vayne, combined with  the Wombo Combo of Wukong and Yasuo allow TLR to edge out an advantage and push into the base taking out the first inhibitor of the game,.
While TLR back away to heal and buy after the assault on KAPs base, KAP take the opportunity to grab a dragon, but just as they manage to take it  MiNi iLunatic is caught out. With a baron on 4 members of KAP, TLR are reluctant to engage, although with super minions hitting the Nexus turrets of KappaKappaKappa the game is now fully in TLR’s control

The final team fight happens in the toplane, , where TLR manage to execute the  AOE combo with Yasuo’s ultimate hitting the nexus. With only Tattooed Otaku left alive KAP are unable to defend the nexus and The Last Resort Take home a win.

The MVP of this match has to go to Smudgecat with his toplane Yasuo. Finishing the game with over 400 CS, the lack of a tank in the TLR line up did not matter with the lead they managed to pull, and Yasuo had a much greater impact than his lane opponent in the mid to late game.


  • Smudgecat - Yasuo
  • Hoss - Wukong
  • Shaw - Gragas
  • Ratchet - Vayne
  • Clank - Lulu


  •  deathguise - Malphite
  • Tattooed Otaku - Lee Sin
  • TattyBojangles - Zyra
  • MiNi lunatic - Jinx
  • thymartyr - Annie



LOL: team car accident Vs M&M

League of Legendsteam car accident vs M&M

Heading into a standard lane setup, right from the outset the tempo of the game is controlled by the jungler of both teams, with MVP Winter taking an edge in his ganks due to volatile Pantheon ganks with the targeted Aegis of Zeonia stun and Aegis Protection shield to help tower dive.

team car accident

  • Ereptor - Heimerdinger
  • MVP Winter - Pantheon
  • RatCheeseDoom - Gragas
  • Skylyz - Caitlyn
  • Leemi - Alistar


  • Firdelore - Nasus
  • KappaZeeef - Vi
  • Budy - Oriana
  • NickyG - Varus
  • Rasta Amiiez0r - Thresh

After a close duel in the midlane with RatCheeseDoom edging out a lead over Budy, tca take the first dragon of the game, which in addition to the score of 8 - 2 in their favour equates to a very early 5k gold lead. By the 18 minute mark this is extended to a 10k gold lead with the help more dragons and a very early baron.
Using the global presence from Grand Skyfall and the teleport on Heimer, tca rotate around the map to systematically take the majority of the turret, really pushing their advantage and leaving Molotovs & Marshmallows no room to come back. tcs push into the M&M base at 25 minutes, and while M&M try and repel the assault with everything they have left, tca are just too far ahead and take away a convincing first win of the day!

MVP : MVP Winter on Pantheon, with potent ganks snowballing the game from the beginning, allowing all of his laners to take an early advantage in lane.

CS:GO Tournament Preview

CS:GOThe epic.LAN Counter Strike: Global Operations tournament is all set to hit the stream with 9 teams arriving in Kettering ready to fight it out for a piece of the £1000 prize pool!
There are some familiar names, some not so familiar names, and even a rag tag mix of players formed right here at the LAN.

  • Interp!
  • Rasta.mix
  • TeamCRG
  • The loveliest men
  • The not so lovely men
  • TheLovelyMen
  • CSGO Lan Mix

Heading into the tournament TeamCRG and The not so lovely men lead the pack with TeamCRG being the returning winners of epic.ELEVEN, and The not so lovely men being a mix team made up of very high ranking CS players in the ranked matchmaking. That is not to say that it will be an easy battle with the likes of TheLovelyMen featuring ex CGS player HenryG and while Interp! is a community team, their roster includes former caster McRossy!
Rasta.mix, Team MINISTRY and The loveliest men are all formidible contenders looking to take some of the limelight away from the favourite teams, while it is always worth keeping an eye on a team formed at an event. CSGO Lan Mix have everything to prove and nothing to lose, will they be able to go toe to toe with rosters with months, if not more, practice as a team?

League of Legends Stream Schedule Day 1

League of LegendsTodays games begin with the group stages, and the following games will be casted on our twitch channel by @s0na and @excoundrel:


  • 9.30am -  team car accident vs Molotovs & Marshmallows
  • 10.30am -  team car accident vs MyXMG
  • 11.30am -  Perilous Void vs Molotovs & Marshmallows
  • 12.30pm - #FDB vs Promethium Gaming Team B
  • 1.30pm - Perilous Void vs MyXMG


The first game sees team car accident face off against Molotovs & Marshmallows, and while on paper they look to be an even matchup, you should pay special attention to the matchup in the toplane. Both play the current standard toplane champions to a high level, so it will be interesting to see if the small champion pool differences are picked up on going into the picks and bans.


team car accident head straight back onto the rift to face MyXMG, one of the higher ranking seeds heading into the tournament, but team car accident could pull an upset, especially if they gain tempo by taking a win in their first game.



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Starcraft II Preview

Starcraft IIWith the epic.TWELVE Starcraft 2 tournament a day away from kick off, players are taking their seats and setting up to get in those crucial practice hours before their big day. Tomorrow we will see the launch of the group stages of the tournament, with the following players battling it out to make it to the double elimination rounds;

  •  COVes Aicy
  •  mYi Boombox
  •  FM Derranging
  •  Fasttrack
  •  FMCLN
  •  hularuns
  •  Impulse iisimonx
  •  FM Ourk
  •  TLR Revoluti8n
  •  TLR Rotcod
  •  TSI Sabre

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League of Legends Preview

League of LegendsTonight at 9pm marks the begining the epic.LAN League of Legends tournament with thirteen teams from around the UK, who come to battle it out for a chance at a £1250 prize pool, and Astro Gaming headsets for first and second place. The teams featured are:

  • #FDB
  • FM Raiderz
  • KappaKappaKappa
  • Lan Mix
  • Molotovs & Marshmallows
  • myXMG
  • Perilous Void
  • Promethium Gaming Team A
  • Promethium Gaming Team B
  • Riven is a Dancer
  • Team Car Accident
  • Team Infused
  • The Last Resort eSports


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MSI Notebook Competitions!

MSI  logoThe MSI Notebook team have joined us at epic.TWELVE, and are going to be running a frantic League of Legends time trial competition. Players will need to team up with their buddies and attempt to secure the fastest bot-team win at the event. The contest will run on Friday and Saturday, with the victors announced during the event, and the five winners will take home a selection of great MSI prizes!

Attendees will also have the opportunity to try out MSI’s fantastic range of Gaming Series Notebooks – so make sure to pay the MSI stand a visit in the Gallery.

The MSI guys are also offering a chance to win a fantastic Primo 73 tablet through Facebook. Just visit the MSI Notebook page during the event, like it, and post saying what you are most looking forward to at epic.TWELVE. The winner of this awesome giveaway will be announced on Sunday 16th February, so don’t miss out!

Facebook: MSI Notebook UK

Twitter: @MSINotebookUK

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