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Tournament Winners

It was a long day of finals here at epic.TWELVE, though I think it would be fair to say that everyone had a good time including the admins and casters. So on to the winners:

League of LegendsLeague of Legends Sponsored by Astro.

Winners: FM RaiderZ

Runners Up: Team Infused





Winners: Team CRG

Runners Up: The Lovely Men


ESL Dota 2 Challenge

Winners: Dwayne 'The John' Rockson

Runners Up: So LeJit


Starcraft IIStarcraft II

Winners: Ourk (FM)

Runners Up: Rotcod (TLR)


Starcraft II Preview

Starcraft IIWith the epic.TWELVE Starcraft 2 tournament a day away from kick off, players are taking their seats and setting up to get in those crucial practice hours before their big day. Tomorrow we will see the launch of the group stages of the tournament, with the following players battling it out to make it to the double elimination rounds;

  •  COVes Aicy
  •  mYi Boombox
  •  FM Derranging
  •  Fasttrack
  •  FMCLN
  •  hularuns
  •  Impulse iisimonx
  •  FM Ourk
  •  TLR Revoluti8n
  •  TLR Rotcod
  •  TSI Sabre

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