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Stream Team Launch

After 2 weeks of trial shows and heavy preparation, the epic Stream Team launches officially from 7pm on Monday 18th January

We'll be bringing you regular gaming content over on our main Twitch channel, twitch.tv/epiclan including tutorials, let's play sessions, community games, esports news, competitions, talk shows and general banter from the familiar faces of the epic.TEAM. 

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Dota 2 Coverage Day 1

Our schedule for coverage of our Dota 2 Tournament is as follows:

11am - Don't Axe Me vs. Next Gen
12pm - TmF Gaming vs. Beyond Defeat
1:30pm - Don't Axe Me vs. Beyond Defeat
2:30pm - Next Gen vs. TmF Gaming
4pm - Beyond Defeat vs. Next Gen
5pm - TmF Gaming vs. Don't Axe Me

Catch the games on our Twitch Channel. Just click on the Dota 2 tab.

League of Legends Coverage Day 1

The schedule for coverage from Day 1 of our League of Legends Tournament is as follows:

10:00- Infused vs Aint no Cashews
11:00- 4lien vs LLL
12:00- awfully fabulous vs Myinsanity
13:00- Rawrs minions vs Infused
14:00- Promithium vs Awfully Fabulous

Tune in to our Twitch channel to watch. Just click the LOL tab.


CS:GO Coverage Day 1

Todays schedule for our CS:GO coverage is as follows:

Game 1 (10:00) - fm-eSports TOXIC v CLIQUE

Game 2 (13:00) - BBOMM v madfraggers

Game 3 (16:00) - Break / Interviews
Game 4 (19:00) - BBOMM v CRG

Game 5 (21:00) - fm-eSports TOXIC v Team Dignitas

watch live on our twitch channel, just click the tab for CS:GO.

Starcraft 2 Coverage - Day 1

Tune into the Twitch Channels to catch live coverage of our Starcraft 2 Tournament from day 1 of the competition.

Today's Scheduled streams will be:

12:00 - DreAm vs Mystic
12:45 - Gunnersmate vs SouL
14:00 - Shibbxyz vs Wardi
14:45 - Sabre vs Highgain
16:00 - Ourk vs Soul
16:45 - Joericharson vs Grimzzy
18:00 - Rotcod vs Sylce
19:00 - End of Day One

The stream can be found here. Just click on the SC2 tab on the video feed.

Follow the epic.ELEVEN Action

epic.ELEVEN CoverageWith mere days to go until our scorching summer LAN party, epic.ELEVEN, it's time to start subscribing to our various coverage channels so that if you're not there (why?!!?) you can keep tabs on all of the action.


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