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epic.ELEVEN Tournaments Confirmed

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After the great response to epic.TEN in February, we've decided to stick with the same tournament lineup for our next event, epic.ELEVEN in July, with cash-prize winning tournaments in:

With over 100 people booked already, our summer LAN is shaping up to be pretty awesome! Make sure you grab your tickets now!

Don't miss any of the action with QuadV at epic.TEN

QuadVepic.LAN will once again be partnering with QuadV to bring you some top notch coverage at epic.TEN for our Call of Duty 4 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments.

As regulars to our events, QuadV will be broadcasting a selection of the best COD4 and CS:GO matches from their on-site studio, meaning not only do you get to see the fantastic gameplay; but you'll also be able to experience the atmosphere through the live video and audio feeds on the players in the tournament hall.

Leading the commentary team for epic.TEN will be Lauren "PansyYyy" Scott and Chris "Panky" Pankhurst, plus they'll be joined by a number of guest commentators throughout the event.

Lauren had this to say about epic.TEN,

So guys we are back! With epic.TEN providing a fantastic new venue, we had to step up our game and get ready to bring you the best CoD4 and CS:GO coverage we can. So get yourselves ready for an FPS filled weekend brought to you by Panky and myself, in partnership with QuadV in Kettering. Hopefully you are as excited as we are, so cu on!

 For the latest coverage details during the LAN, make sure you keep an eye out at epiclan.co.uk.


epic.TEN - COD4 First Trigger

epic.TEN COD4 TriggerSo now Christmas has passed, the competitive community is getting organised and we've seen our COD4 tournament pass its first prize trigger guaranteeing the first £750 towards the prize pool.

With teams and mixes now being finalised, we're well on the way to the next prize already.

Check out the thread on Tek-9 to find out more.

epic.TEN - Call of Duty 4 Confirmed

Call of Duty 4 ConfirmedAfter some fantastic support from the Call of Duty 4 community at our last two events, fielding over 20 teams each time, we're very pleased to confirm our continued support for COD4 at epic.TEN.

Details about our Call of Duty 4 tournament are now available including revised prize triggers. As always, prize money will be paid out immediately.

If you're looking for a team to participate with, then head over to ptER's Tek-9 thread of awesome to speak to the other COD4 community members attending.

So that's the first of our tournament announcements for our new venue, more coming soon!


epic.NINE - COD4 Fifth Trigger

epic.NINE COD4 PrizeGreat news! The fifth prize trigger for the epic.NINE Tt eSports Call of Duty 4 tournament has been reached giving the next guaranteed prize of a whopping £2000!

With 22 paid or part-paid teams for COD4 and still a few more interested, and confirmed QuadV coverage it looks like we'll be hosting one of the biggest UK COD4 tournaments of 2012 at epic.NINE!

What are you waiting for? Go and, get your ticket now!

Call of Duty 4 - Tournament Sponsors

epic.NINE COD4Tt eSports and Thermaltake have today confirmed their sponsorship of the epic.NINE Call of Duty 4 tournament.

As regular supporters of epic.LAN, we are very pleased to be welcoming these companies back as tournament sponsors, and they will be boosting the COD4 tournament prize with some of their excellent gaming hardware. So in addition to the cash prizes already available, the teams can also get their hands on:

There will also be a few other goodies, including 2x Level 10 GTS Cases being given away during the weekend!

QuadV Returns for epic.NINE

QuadVWe're very pleased to confirm that QuadV will be returning to epic.NINE providing you with the best on-site coverage of our Call of Duty 4 tournament!

It's looking like the COD4 tournament could hit capacity with just a couple of weeks to go with teams joining us from all over the EU.

Dennis "Mennace" Fick will be heading up the commentary once more so all of you not at the event (why???) can keep up to date with the latest tournament developments.

Not long now, so make sure you grab your ticket if you want to be a part of it!

Tournament Signups Open

Tournament SignupsIt's time to create your teams for epic.NINE ready to play in our main tournaments.

Head over to our tournament site to create your team or to join an existing team, and remember all teams must be fully signed up by 8pm Thursday 19th July if you wish to take part in our tournaments.

As usual, you will only be able to play in either the CSS or the COD4 tournament due to scheduling restraints.

Calling all clans - Let battle commence!

Gameshadow BattlesGameShadow, Fasthosts & epic.LAN have joined forces to launch GameShadow Battles, a new tournament based online gaming experience, and is going to premier the partnership with a fantastic opportunity for gamers to win a combined prize fund of £10,000.

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COD4 Coverage from QuadV!

QuadVWe are extremely pleased to confirm that QuadV will be at epic.EIGHT providing expert coverage of the Call of Duty 4 Tournament!

The Call of Duty 4 community has rallied around to support this event, currently with 22 teams taking part, just 2 teams off the maximum and of course the £2500 prize trigger, with BYOC and TUP places still remaining!

Here's what the QuadV team had to say:

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