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epic.THIRTEEN Tournament Round Up.

epic.THIRTEEN has seen slightly smaller than usual, but no less competitive tournaments. We featured League of Legends, DotA 2, Starcraft 2, CS:GO and Hearthstone. We'd like to thank the sponsors for providing prizes for all the tournaments for this event and our thanks go out to Razer, AOC, ESL, Gamdias, GT Omega and Tesoro.



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CS:GO Tournament Coverage

News just in from our friends at ESL UK!

The commentary line-up for the AOC CS:GO Challenge has been announced, seeing Richard Lewis, Henry Greer, Karam Kabbara, Alex Richardson and James Duffield converge for epic.THIRTEEN.


The AOC CS:GO Challenge at epic.LAN is shaping up to be one of the UK's best BYOC CS:GO tournaments of 2014. With up to £4,000 on the line, our partners at ESL UK are pulling out all the stops, bringing you five star coverage throughout the weekend.

They're bringing it all to epic.LAN on Friday 17th July, seeing on-site camera crews, casting desks and analysis live from the ESL UK Studios. So what are you waiting for? Join the buzz and get your ticket now!

ESL UK Partners with epic.LAN for epic.THIRTEEN

ESLESL UK partners with epic.LAN for the thirteenth instalment of their gaming and eSports LAN series. As part of their partnership, ESL UK will be boosting the prize pool through their partner network by £1,000 in a bid to help stimulate development within the UK’s Counter-Strike gaming community. ESL UK will be providing full coverage of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition, alongside the event as a whole throughout the weekend.

Peter Mather, Community Manager for ESL UK commented saying:

“We’re really excited to be solidifying our partnership with epic.LAN after a fantastic event back in February. We’ve got some awesome plans in development for the next instalment to help bring the event live to your living rooms, and really add some extra value for the talented sides that will be joining us throughout the weekend. The team over at epic.LAN are amazing to work with, and I’m sure that this partnership will see us bringing one of the best UK Counter-Strike competitions to date!”

The competition will feature a minimum prize pool of £1,000, with the possibility of expanding to £4,000 based on community interest.

Jon Winkle, Managing Director of epic.LAN stated:

"Following on from the success of the Dota2 challenge at our last event, and with the current growth of CS:GO, we’re very excited to partner with ESL UK once again for epic.THIRTEEN this July. With the boost in the prize pool and the exciting coverage plans, the tournament is certainly going to be one to watch in the UK and beyond."

Teams that wish to take part in the tournament need to head over to www.epiclan.co.uk/epic13 to purchase their event tickets, allowing them entry to the three day event alongside the eSports tournaments that are due to take place over the extended weekend.

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Infinite Crisis Key and Free Joker Skin

Our friends at ESL UK and WB Games have offered a load of Infinite Crisis Keys for you guys! Just simply fill in these details to get your key and free joker skin.

I'M BATMAN!!! See you in the DC universe!

FIFA 14 Winter Championship at epic.TWELVE

Fifa 14 ChampionshipESL UK and their partners over at Sweetpatch.TV have just announced the FIFA 14 Winter Championship, featuring heaps of hardware courtesy of Madcatz. The competition is to be hosted by us at epic.TWELVE and will run from Friday 14th - Sunday 16th February.

The Sweetpatch.TV crew will be at epic.LAN in full force, fielding a weekend of awesome FIFA 14 action which will be held in it's own dedicated themed room and streamed live to their native Twitch channel. For those who want to attend you have two options, the £30 one day experience which is valid for the tournaments on Saturday or Sunday, or for those that just can't get enough and for just a mere £10 more, the £40 full access ticket, which allows you to attend all the Sweetpatch.TV action throughout the weekend as well as seeing the rest of what epic.LAN has to offer.


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Dota2 Online Qualifiers Announced

Dota2 Qualifiers

Want to win a TUP place for your team in ESL's Dota2 challenge at epic12? Take place in ESL's Online Qualifiers and you could win full TUP tickets for your whole team! Find out more over at ESL UK.